Beauty Boss: Haley Bogaert Face

I had heard whispers about a brow and beauty boss by the name of Haley Bogaert for years. She was doing all of the glam for the ‘it girls’ of Toronto and basically anyone I asked who had great brows where they were getting them done, the answer was always, Haley, Haley, Haley.  Fast forward a few years and a few Instagram convos in the DM later and she was getting me that natural glow for a video that I was creating for Clinique. I instantly fell for her easy way of being, her go-getter attitude and her no-nonsense approach to beauty.

Since our initial meeting, Haley has done my brows and I have loved watching her grow from house calls and a small apartment space to a full product line and a sick loft studio.  Haley has packaged her no-nonsense approach to getting gorgeous with her Wake Up To Make Up kit that includes all of the essentials to get you ready for the day in minutes.

I had the chance to chat with Haley as she was about to launch the second edition of her kit about success, starting a business and growing that thick skin. Check it out!

You’re a pretty big deal in the beauty industry – how did you get your start?

I started doing brows and makeup at the age of 16. I came to the big city at 17… I worked for many makeup companies and learned all the ins and outs. I then gained a following and decided it was time to start my own company and I did about a year ago. Now at the age of 26.

Did you always want to do makeup and brows?

I have always wanted to do makeup and brows from a very young age and was always just a natural at it. I initially wanted to do commercial and print modelling. It also led me to starting my career in makeup and brows. I started both at the age of 16 and moved to the big city by 17.

How and why did you come with the 5-minute face?

When working at a studio I was always fully booked back-to-back. Literally had 15 minutes to get someone in and out without them looking red or blotchy after getting their brow and lip threaded. I spaced each client accordingly: 5 minutes for brow/tint, 5 minutes for me to cleanse their face/show them skincare, and 5 minutes to make the feel and look better than when they came in.  I never have been a major makeup-wearer. I feel it really only takes 5 minutes to get ready and all my clients have 0 time on a regular basis. So why not create something that takes zero time to look amazing?

You’ve gone from working in a spa to creating your own line and running your own makeup line and brow company. What is the hardest part about being your own boss?

I would say the hardest part about being my own boss is having to be able to juggle everything and everyone. I’m definitely business savvy, along with being a artist. It can be hard to manage people and delegate. I am very lucky to have the team I have. My art director and assistant are amazing and only want to see me and the company grow.

Any advice for someone wanting to start their own company?

My advice is that the key to success is balance. In order for you to grow you need balance in all aspects of your life. You have to be organized, driven and thick-skinned. At one point in my career I would cry over everything because I was just too damn soft. Not now…

And as if that wasn’t enough on her plate, Haley also has a clothing line coming out! Check out her line of makeup and clothing – combine these two and getting ready in the morning will be a breeze.