Things That Scare Us: Smile For The Camera

Say cheese

You know how there are a few people who are naturally and flawlessly photogenic? Well, looking at my very awkward early teens proved that I was certainly not one of those people. I could never quite master that gorgeous natural smile, or perfect the art of not smiling too much. My fear of having my picture taken has everything to do with being surrounded by comments of “smile wide” quickly followed by “not that wide” and then “that’s just a fake smile”, before it was over.
The fear stayed with me and every time I hear the words “let’s take a picture” I feel my body contract and stiffen instantly. I know, right? This doesn’t really help the situation, but this reaction always seemed beyond control. I found myself hiding behind excuses of not wanting to live my life behind a lens and if I’m being honest I now regret not having more tangible memories of some of the experiences in the last few years. From the most beautiful holidays with my sisters, to picture-perfect moments with my boyfriend, I realized that I don’t have nearly enough pictures to immortalize these memories.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from shy. In fact, most people consider me to be pretty brave and adventurous. I’m a ‘do-er’ and a ‘yes’ kind of girl. So, when recent work opportunities presented themselves in the form of mini photo shoots, what did I say – YES. The best part was my team members were the perfect hype women. Was the minute before the first pose as traumatic? Sure. Was the entire experience worth it? Definitely! I can honestly say that this first mini photoshoot was such a great bonding moment for me. What’s better is that this time I have the picture to prove it.
Personal tip –  embrace yourself – awkward smile and all. It’s what makes for the best pictures!

xx Tara