I Tried Meditating And This Is What Happened

I’m a pretty chill person by nature, but I’ve always been interested in trying out meditating. Pretty quickly after I started, though, I realized meditating’s not really about being chill specifically, but just being tuned in to yourself and your thoughts.

Motivated by mindfulness gaining popularity, I’ve tried, on a few occasions, to simply sit in my room, close my eyes, breathe, and focus. Pretty quickly (say, 15 seconds in), I was trying to concentrate on focusing too much that the concentration was distracting. If this happens to you, too, then you know what happens next: I gave up, and kept going about my day.

Then I decided to embrace this app I had downloaded a while ago, but never taken the time to truly explore: Headspace. Not only do they have cute illustrations and animations, but they also offer guided meditation sessions that you could, theoretically, do anywhere.

First impression: I thought the narrator talked too much (he does have a lovely British accent, though). There’s always a small blurb at the beginning of each session – nothing advertorial – that helps set the goal or reasoning for mindfulness with specific scenarios (like watching an entire highway of cars continuously drive by… can you simply watch them go by, or will you zone in on cars, jumping from one to the other?). After my first session listening to the introduction, though, I quickly graduated from annoyed to appreciative. It’s actually quite nice to hear a small bit of theory beforehand. It’s like conversation that’s meant to get you settled in and relaxed, ready to calmly walk down the path of mindfulness.

When the first session finished, I felt calm, lighter, and my mind was clear, just existing in the moment. No joke, no gimmick, I became a believer right then and there. Meditation, which was pretty unattainable at first, was finally something accessible to me.

My favourite part about the app so far is that they offer 10 whole sessions free of charge when you’re just starting out and dipping your toes into the world of guided meditation. It’s otherwise a subscription service, with your choice of monthly or yearly payments, and I’m seriously considering getting a yearly subscription.

I would highly recommend giving Headspace a try. Give the free sessions a try – maybe meditation is for you, too. What keeps you grounded and mindful?



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