How I Got This Job: From Internship to Full-Time Job

If you’ve been following my journey on Coco & Cowe, most of you know that I moved to Canada as an international student from India a little over a year ago. What you may not know is how exactly I went from a student struggling to land an internship to securing a full-time position in my desired field of expertise.

If you’re anything like the self-critic I am, the process of landing that dream job can bring you all too close to anxiety, self-doubt and fear of failure. I won’t get into those gory details, but I’ve listed a few tips that I found incredibly helpful and hopefully they’ll help you, too.

Build your network

Many of us think that as immigrants we’re at a disadvantage for not having a pre-existing network. I was guilty of this too until I finally got out of my comfort zone and began creating my own network and relationships. I applied to an internship position passed on to me by a peer that I likely wouldn’t have otherwise stumbled upon.

Conquer your internship

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of how to land an internship because Hailey gave you top advice not too long ago. Once you do secure one, the aim of the game should be to wow the socks of the organization. I struggled to learn exactly how to do this during the initial phases of my internship. What worked for me was to remember that I was chosen for the role and to focus on a motivating factor to perform, like getting a great reference or getting hired on!

Own your superpower

I used to struggle with owning any of my strengths as my superpower to make me stand out. I am hard-working, an excellent communicator, creative and everything else that all of us are. So why would anyone pick me? – because who you are can define you even in a workplace. Talk to friends and family and you’ll realize that your most obvious trait can be your greatest strength and make you stand out.

Find your fit

When I was looking for a job I never understood the concept of the right fit. I just wanted to be accepted by a company, any company that would pay me. After months of applications I realized that going after a job you want at a company you want to be a part of meant that I was subconsciously looking for places whose principles aligned with mine. That is what fit is all about and you can tell from that very first interview.

Have you recently landed a job? We’d love to hear what worked for you!



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