Getting That High Tech Glow With Gee Beauty

I’m all about that getting that glow. If I could walk forever around with a little sun-kissed look, I would be happy. When I heard about Gee Beauty‘s newest service, the High Tech Glow, how could I not be intrigued? When I heard you can get the High Tech Glow treatment with a body slimming treatment, I was in like Flynn. Lie around and get your face all glowing while also zapping fat on your bod, yep!

Ok, so what is all of this about? First the facial, High Tech Glow, features a bunch of Gee Beauty‘s most cutting edge services that when combined, sloughs off all of the gunk that your face has been walking around collecting and works with a combination of facial cupping and Oxygeneo treatments to bring out your best skin.

The added insane bonus of this service is while the Skinbosses of Gee Beauty get to work on that epidermis, your stubborn fat cells are being quietly melted away as you lay in their strange looking, but super cozy and relaxing Infra-Slim Body Suit. At the beginning of your treatment you’re asked to remove your clothing (save a thin paper dress they provide) and you are strapped in. As you lie there and get your facial, the suit safely heats up your fat cells and works to expel toxins.

Though I didn’t walk out of there feeling like I was beach-body ready, I did feel less bloated and my skin was so bomb! Plus there’s something so relaxing about lying in that suit – it warms up to a temperature that is soothing (especially on days like today) and I left Gee just feeling so calm and chill.

If you’re looking to fight the onset of winter dullness, I highly recommend heading over to Gee for a little High Tech Glow.



Photos by Samantha Clarke


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