Conversations With Coco: Jill Andrew Of Body Confidence Canada

Talking about body confidence and positivity is popping up more and more everywhere I look. From hearing Ashley Graham speak at Girlboss Rally NYC, to my chat with Jill Andrew of Body Confidence Canada, it’s crazy that we have to lobby for something that everybody deserves to feel: comfortable in their own skin. I am grateful for and amazed by the women that are spearheading the movement, though, and Jill is doing an amazing job. She speaks so well (seriously, I will attend any talk she’s a part of) and even in our 20-minute conversation here, I was already learning so many things from her. One of my favourites was this little bit:

“If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re on the menu.”

And how right is she? When you want to see something happen or change, you have to bring it yourself. See the full interview below!



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