The Coco & Cowe Gift Guide: For Mom

We’re not so dissimilar, you and us, which is why for this year’s Gift Guides, we’re going to share with you what we ourselves would get our loved ones. Just like how our gifts should have that personal touch, our Gift Guides will, too. We only ask you promise us one thing: don’t tell our Moms/Dads/colleagues, etc. what we’re getting them, okay?

Moms are experts at the ol’ “Oh, I don’t need anything” when you ask them if they have their eye on anything for the holidays. While they may not be the most forthcoming with any hints, fear not: this is a perfect opportunity to get something for Mom that she wouldn’t get for herself on a regular occasion.

So, what would we at Coco & Cowe get our Moms?

Avène Hand Cream – get it for Mom HERE!

I like to gift my Mom essentials that also double as self-care, because every Mom deserves to be taken care of! Hand cream is essential for the winter time, and doesn’t have to be boring at all, when you take scent or results into account. There’s a very large selection of hand creams out there, but sticking with a cult-classic and splurge like Avène is guaranteed to be a good-quality gift! – Trang

Kobo Ereader – get it for Mom HERE!

Last year I bought my Mom a Kobo e-reader for Christmas, and she absolutely loves it! She loves to travel, so the Aura H2O (waterproof version) was a perfect fit. You can fully submerge it underwater, which means reading by the lake, pool, or bath is no problem. The fact that you can fit thousands of books into the small device makes bringing your favourite reads that much easier. The only issue is having to charge it (which is to be expected as it is an electronic device) because she’s notorious for losing cords, so I wouldn’t doubt if she is letting it sit and collect dust at this point.

– Taylor

Fitbit Charge 2 – get it for Mom HERE!

Since my Mum is so far away from me, worrying about her and vice versa is very natural. Ensuring that we stay fit and healthy is a priority for both of us, although it’s not always a conversation we enjoy having. Even though I may be late to the game, I’m buying us both Fitbits this Christmas to keep us on top of our mutual commitment to being a #fitfam. I’m sure we’re going to have so much fun comparing statistics like our step count – we’re both very competitive. I’m also thrilled that it comes in both our favourite colours, plum for her and black for me. There really wasn’t a better way for me to say “I love you” and that I care about her health!

– Tara

Lavender and Coconut Milk Soy Candle – get it for Mom HERE!

My mum hosts a lot of dinner parties throughout the year and loves having festive décor to go with. This year for Christmas, I’m going to treat my mom to some candles, and a new table cloth and table runner so that she’ll have some pristine items the next time she hosts a party!

– Jane

How’s your holiday shopping going? Let us know in the comments!



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