The Coco & Cowe Gift Guide: For Dad

We’re not so dissimilar, you and us, which is why for this year’s Gift Guides, we’re going to share with you what we ourselves would get our loved ones. Just like how our gifts should have that personal touch, our Gift Guides will, too. We only ask you promise us one thing: don’t tell our Moms/Dads/colleagues, etc. what we’re getting them, okay?

Oh, Dads. The jokers, the chauffeurs, the all-around cheerleaders. They do a lot and deserve a lot, so what would we at Coco & Cowe get our Dads?

Apple TV – get it for Dad here!

My gift guide pick for Dad is an Apple TV! An Apple TV is the perfect new toy for your Dad to play with this Christmas. You can use it to stream Netflix, Youtube, any music you have in your iTunes library, and you can mirror your iPhone or MacBook screen onto the TV that it’s hooked up to. I have one I use literally everyday, so if your Dad doesn’t have one already (and is into anything tech-ish) this is the perfect gift.
– Taylor

Google Home Assistant – get it for Dad here!My stepdad is always on the go. From living in the country far outside of the city, to working in Toronto’s core and then having to get home in time to catch my brother’s baseball games … life moves fast with him. Although I can’t offer much help in his Monday to Friday life, I want to make his weekends a little easier. So this year, I want to give him some (hands-free) help around the house with a Google Home for Christmas.

– Hailey


Anker Bluetooth Speaker – get it for Dad here!

I would get my Dad an Anker bluetooth speaker. It’s the perfect gift for any music-lovin’ dad who wants to jam out to his 70s hairband blasts from the past while doing whatever it is he does. Whether it’s woodworking, dishes or hanging christmas lights, this is the ultimate Dad present. It’s easy to use and convenient because it connects via bluetooth to his cellphone or iPod and the battery lasts for 24 hours. He’ll be rockin’ around the christmas tree all holiday long.

– Jane

Golf shoes – get it for Dad here!

As an avid golfer, some of my Dad’s happiest memories have involved teeing off at the most beautiful golf courses around the world, like the Old course at St. Andrews, Scotland. Naturally, the go-to gifting options for him have always been some sort of golfing equipment or accessories that he sees as a luxury and not a necessity. Like most Dads he splurges on everyone in the family, but is a little too tight-fisted when it comes to treating himself. Although he won’t admit it, I know his current golf shoes desperately need to be recycled so I’ve decided that it’s about time my Dad teed off in style with a new pair of FootJoy Hyperflex BOA golf shoes.

– Tara

Wool and leather gloves – get it for Dad here!

My Dad’s the main driver (King of the Minivan) at home, and from my own experience driving, I know getting into your car in the winter means driving for the first five minutes with only the tips of your fingers on the steering wheel because it’s so cold! Not safe, and definitely not pleasant. This year I’m gonig to help my Dad avoid the cold with these stylish gloves.

–  Trang

We’re getting closer and closer to Christmas! What are you getting your Dad this year?



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