3 Times The Fun With The BMW X3 M40i

If Sundays are for lovers then are Saturdays for shopping? It seems that time is never on my side these days and on the days that I don’t have to be in the office, strapped to my desk, I’m typically running after my newly turned 5-year-old. Her energy is boundless so finding fun ways to run errands (like grocery shopping) are high on the list.

To keep the complaining to a low and her compliance to a high, I usually do one activity that’s all about her before doing one that’s necessary for  me life, AKA grocery shopping. Our good friends at Pfaff BMW decided to sweeten our weekend up a little by lending us some new wheels to whip around to the trampoline park, the grocery store AND a little Party City to get ready for H’s birthday.

Now more than just mere ‘wheels’, this particular chariot is of some pretty fab distinction… the 2018 BMW X3 M40i (say that really fast three times!). Not knowing much about the car except for the fact that my high school boyfriend really wanted a BMW with an M on it (he said it made it faster) I hopped in and was pleasantly surprised and without getting too technical, here’s why:

  • The M does mean fast! For a small SUV this beauty has incredible pick up – the 355 horsepower gets it 0-60 in  4.6 seconds. WHOOSH!
  • It’s all techie and stuff. The car comes complete with Apple Play, meaning it syncs up with your phone real quick, playing your songs (or in my case, podcasts) and even has the option to read out your text messages and allows you to dictate answers back. Also the screen is big, a nice 10 inches wide.
  • The BMW X3 M40i is roomy with great trunk space and leg room for my forever growing girl and all of our groceries
  • It’s cute 😉 I grew up in the suburbs and like a good SUV and haven’t typically liked smaller style ones but this one has some toughness to it. It not only drives well but it looks good doing it and for me cars should look as good as they feel.

I was sad to see the car go back. We waved it off Monday morning. But we were left with happy memories of our little weekend with some brand new wheels, the compliments we got from passersby and I was personally thrilled to finally find out what was so special about that dang M!

To learn more about this ride or any other BMW I highly recommend checking out Pfaff BMW– they are literally the BMW mecca and will be able to let you know all you need to know.





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