The Coco & Cowe Gift Guide: For Siblings

We’re not so dissimilar, you and us, which is why for this year’s Gift Guides, we’re going to share with you what we ourselves would get our loved ones. Just like how our gifts should have that personal touch, our Gift Guides will, too. We only ask you promise us one thing: don’t tell our Moms/Dads/colleagues, etc. what we’re getting them, okay?

Sometimes annoying, but always awesome… siblings are the friends you’re born with. So, what would we get for our siblings at Coco & Cowe?

UV Nail Polish Dryer – get it HERE!

I would get my sister a UV lamp for doing at home gel manicures! This is such a fun gift for her because she loves doing her nails and it’s something we do together often – why not take it to the next level?!

– Jane

Vinyl Records – get this one (and search for more) HERE!

My sister is a total music junkie. Like, she has better taste than me and my parents combined. Last year they got her a record player, and since then she’s been obsessed with collecting vinyl. Only being 17, she doesn’t have much disposable income to spend, so this year I’m going to get her some records I know she’ll love. Rumours by Fleetwood MacAbbey Road by the Beatles, and American Teen by Khalid are the plan!

– Taylor

The Sun and Her Flowers – get it HERE!

Usually my sisters get books for me for Christmas, but once in a while, I come across a book that I want to share with all the important women in my life. Opinions are divided on Rupi Kaur, but I personally think there’s truth to her words, whichever way you look at it. Maybe pairing this with a monogrammed mug and some excellent tea? That would make for the coziest gift.

– Trang

LEGO – get it HERE!

A Star Wars LEGO kit is what my nine year-old brother is wanting this holiday season. He is obsessed with anything a) Star Wars and b) that he is able to build himself. But, this gift could also be for the big kid in your life. Because who says Lego has an age limit? Not us!

– Hailey

Cozy scarf – get it HERE!

Getting my sisters the perfect gift is always hard. I like to believe this is a struggle all of us face especially if you’re the younger sibling with less spending power than the elder siblings that somehow seem to be on top of the holiday gifting. For those of you whose siblings are girls, you may find that it’s almost harder to give your sister that you adore so much the perfect gift and for those of you who agree with me, my struggle is twice as hard since I’m the youngest of three girls. This year I’ve decided to let go of the pressure and think of the little things that make me and my sisters happy – like something to keep them warm and also beautiful through the winter. The best part is that this scarf comes in a variety of colours so you’re sure to find something just right for you or a loved one!

– Tara

The big day is fast approaching! Let us know how you’re conquering your shopping list!




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