Using & Earning Points Is Easier Than You Think with Amex


I love collecting points. I have a points card for literally everything you can have one for. I’m not sure if it’s part of my interest in collectibles, or my slight hoarder tendencies, but even though I’m always collecting points, it is very rare that I actually redeem them for anything.


Then I was faced with my cousin’s wedding in Scotland. A trip that would involve quite a few flights, hotels and lots of planning.  Though I’ve been an American Express Platinum Card loyalist for years, I’ve mostly used Card benefits  like Front Of The Line concert access or fast tracking through security at Pearson and lounge access during my travels (all amazing perks), but I had rarely redeemed my points for booking flights or hotels.


Deciding that this was the moment to maximize my savings, I called up The Platinum Card Travel Service team for a little help. I needed help planning my trip (no direct flights to Edinburgh) and I wanted to figure out how to make the most out of my Membership Rewards points. I had other options too: I could have read the easy to follow package that they sent me, or followed the simple steps on the Amex Travel website, but I was pressed for time and wanting a little extra TLC, so I called them up and the Travel Team was more than happy to help.

I provided my must-haves and wish list to the Travel Team, and the agent explained they would get back to me with a detailed email with flight and hotel options. That simple. I had an underutilized travel agent in my pocket all this time and I had been stressing out over flights and where to stay for literally no reason at all. Me stress out over useless things? No, NEVER!

That evening, I received the promised email with various flight options and an encouraging note to call back to move forward. I made my choices and called back and as soon as I told the agent about my choices she said, “Ok, Ms. Smart, you’re all set. I will send you over an itinerary shortly.”

“Oh, but what about my points? I think maybe I might try using some of them.” I said.


“Of course, Ms. Smart. Using your points is as easy as logging onto your online account and clicking off the purchases you’d like to pay for with your points rather than with cash. You also have a $200 travel credit you could redeem as well. You can redeem your points and travel credit now with me over the phone or you can do it at your discretion online.”


“Wait, what? I can use my points for anything? No blackout times, no restrictions?” I said, voice heightened with confusion.


“That’s right Ms. Smart, your points are just that, they’re yours to use at your discretion plus travel purchases are offset at a higher redemption rate.”


Who knew that my American Express Platinum Card is literally a double agent – a credit card AND a full-service travel and concierge team! To say I was excited is a little bit of an understatement.

With so many benefits, like earning 1.25 Membership Rewards points for every dollar in purchases to your card, access to over 1000 FINE HOTELS & RESORTS properties around the world with early noon check-in, room upgrade upon arrival and 4pm late checkout options when available AND Amex Cloud 10 Benefits at Pearson (link to Instagram post explaining Cloud 10) – this Card is a must have.  Membership definitely has its benefits.

This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada.  The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.










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