Do You Believe In New Year’s Resolutions?

When reflecting on the year that has passed and planning for the one to come I started thinking about resolutions. I was contemplating if I was going to make them and wondering if just the idea of making a resolution was in fact setting myself up for failure. Stuck in the in between (where I often find myself) I decided to reach out to some friends and as for their two cents on the sitch and here’s what they said:

Roxanne West, Blogger & Home Renovator:

I am honestly one of those people that love to make lists, especially goals. I love making New Years resolutions, they are almost like challenges to me that I strive to conquer. We could also call them intentions. My New Years resolutions also involve me making “dream boards” or “vision boards”.

I am a firm believer in the power of attraction, believing in what you want and making it happen. Five years ago my french range in my kitchen was on my dream board, now I am cooking on it. I guess my version of New Years Resolutions are slightly different sometimes. It’s a mix of goals and vision boards of things I picture myself already having. Things like good health for my children and family, perhaps design elements in my home or travel dreams to far away places.

The New Years Resolutions that are more like goals for me look along the lines of…

  • Clean out my email inbox (I am back at 5,999 emails and I get anxiety just opening it)

  • Being more organized in work & my home

  • Continuing to strive for a healthy balance between mom life & working from home

  • Do more blogs for fun vs sponsored

  • Finish renovating our current home

  • Get more sleep!

I think resolutions are healthy and that for me, is why I make them. I do not think they have to be discouraging or put a huge weight on you – I think they can be a powerful tool for focus.

Goals can be small or big, it can even be a goal to maintain something you are already doing or to better yourself as a person. It can also be resolutions to yourself, like making sure you take the time for that yoga class you’ve always wanted to join or getting a massage. Mental health resolutions are a big one for me, I need to stop only leaving the house for errands & work and start doing things for myself like yoga or massages or even just strolling the aisles of Homesense with a hot Starbucks in hand for some quiet time haha! New Years to me is the perfect time to evaluate my life and the year that has passed, was I the good person I strive to be, what is my health like and the health of my relationships, what can I do better? Where do I want to be in 5 years and how can this years resolutions help get me there?

It can be as easy as typing them out on your Notes in your phone or on the front page of your favourite notebook, maybe even your laptop screen saver like HELLO, REMINDER haha! I am a pen and paper kind of gal so I re write my goals every month in my agenda on the notes page so I can always refer to it and stay focused.

Shannae, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger & Mother :

Yes! I believe in New Years Resolutions and make them every year. I truly believe that thoughts become things so I set specific and measurable goals and a few “monumental” yet attainable goals for myself every year. It keeps me driven and motivated and has resulted in some of my biggest life accomplishments.


Jennifer Lau, Principal at Fit Squad, Nike Trainer:

I used to write them but don’t anymore.
Just like with health and fitness, Jan 1st should not need to be the be all and end all date for drastic change. Commit to change throughout the year.

There’s less pressure, less room for failure and disappointment as you can adjust to your new routine or habits well before everyone else begins the panic of adjusting to their new commitments.

Personally I try to make changes or steps towards better change a month before the new year so that when the ball drops I’m already in the routine of progressing towards my goals. I love this stay ahead of the game 😉

Winy Bernard, Tech Social Entrepreneur: 

I use to make resolutions and then, I’d forget about them or never really do anything. It was always the same, lose weight…blah blah blah. Now, I think of goals, what do I want to accomplish? How will these actions allow me to live a better life? What daily steps do I need to take in order to live my best life? And that’s how I see the new year, an opportunity to reach new heights, face fears and reach new goals.

Karlyn Percil, Neuro Success Coach:

I don’t make New Years resolutions but rather I make Micro-Commitments monthly and sometimes weekly.  Coming from Bay St with a past career in finance, our New Year always started in November so I never really waited for January to make a resolution.  I like to make smaller commitments with tighter time constraints to have a better handle over the commitments I make to myself.


Halla Rafati, Co-Founder of Halo PR Group

I believe in constant self improvement as a lifestyle decision. A consistent search within you to always strive to “be the best possible version of yourself”. Oftentimes we get into a pattern of unhealthy behaviour without even realizing. The start of a new year positions itself as the perfect time to reflect on how you spent the past 365 days of your life, and pinpoint the ways you feel you could have done it a bit (or a lot) better, a bit healthier and a little bit more “right” – however that translates to you. For me, my mental switch typically happens around my birthday. That’s my own personal new year. For many though, a shift in a calendar year seems to be better timing. Either way, continuous self-growth is necessary. So yes, I do believe in resolutions, New Years or otherwise.


So there you have it! I think the move is to set goals that are attainable but also that push you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be better, in fact, I would argue that life is all about growth and change and how we move to better ourselves and those around us. It doesn’t have to be basic, weight loss is cool, but isn’t finding a way to be in love with yourself even cooler? Making more money is sweet but finding things that fill you with passion and provide you with purpose are truly paramount.

I wish you all the happiness in the New Year and hoping that 2018 is a beautiful one for you and your loved ones.


photo by Samantha Clarke