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In The Know With Coco & Cowe: January 12

  1. Are you the most stubborn in an argument? Well, turns out it might be beneficial to see the other side before you’re able to claim victory.
  2. The Golden Globes happened, and here are the best and worst highlights.
  3. Specifically, this speech by the one and only Oprah. Hearing some things about #Oprah2020 lately? While that would be amazing, Oprah’s talking about how we can help the world.
  4. If JT is your fave, he’s about to become your problematic fave. Here’s why his newest album trying to stay on top of “trends” is culturally harmful (and it’s not his first album to be guilty of doing this).
  5. More casual racism: this big-box retailer can’t get away with “oversight” being the excuse for a racially loaded and offensive slogan being linked with a specific model.
  6. The Olympics are creeping up on us! The things to know before we kick it off (go Canada go!).
  7. Trump continues his brand of politics by announcing an end to humanitarian program Temporary Protected Status, forcing 200,000 working and living Salvadorans in the US out.

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