The 5 Style Tips That Will Keep You Looking Fashionable All Winter Long

We are well into January and there’s no doubt that winter has arrived! During this time of the year, it can be difficult to maintain your style and look fashionable when you’re facing snowy conditions and freezing temperatures. The goal for most of us is to stay warm and dry throughout the day and unfortunately, fashion can sometimes come second – but it shouldn’t have to. After braving countless Canadian winters, I’ve learned a trick or two about how to head out into the cold and not have to sacrifice on style. Here are my five go-to tips to stay warm (and still look cute) this winter.

Invest in a beautiful coat that you love because you’ll be wearing it… a lot!

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This is the time to splurge, so don’t feel bad about spending a little more than usual on this closet staple. A shaggy oversized coat or a long men’s inspired plaid style will set you apart in a sea of black parkas.

Layer interesting shapes and pieces together.

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Winter is the perfect time to experiment with layering items in your closet that you might not normally pair together. Try layering two dresses with different hem lengths, topped with a cropped jacket, for a fashion forward look.

Pile on the accessories. In this case, the more the merrier!

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Adding on a couple of accessories not only keeps you looking stylish, but cozy and warm as well. A toque, faux fur shawl, round sunglasses and a great tote can go a long way. Don’t forget about jewelry either. Oversized earrings add an instant punch.

Make anything colourful in your closet your best friend.

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Colour can take an otherwise ordinary outfit from zero to a hundred. Look for bright turtlenecks, cable knit sweaters and even coloured footwear to step up your game during these chilly months.

Choose items that come in unique textures and materials.

Image source: The Outnet

Sequins, embroidery, chunky knits, and patent leather all have beautiful textures or finishes that are sure to add some extra interest to your winter wardrobe. Next time you think about saving that metallic pleated skirt for warmer weather, try pairing it with a knit turtleneck and a cute teddy coat.

Fashion (during any season) is all about having fun and being creative so don’t be afraid to pair unexpected pieces together or test out a new trend!



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