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3 thoughts on “Why I Got Rid Of My Instagram Account

  1. I LOVE this.. I recently deactivated my Facebook and it was crazy how freeing it felt! I think everyone should take a little break when they aren’t feeling great! Lofe is totally about living!!

  2. Wow! What an education for this old gal! I had no idea about the stresses involved in instagram use for the younger set! I don’t blame u for taking a hiatus!
    So maybe a word about why I LOVE Insta! I have kids, grands and greats, in laws and other family members all across Canada. I use Insta for keeping in touch with everyone, seeing pics of their trips, their kids, their ups and downs: even their weather and other atmospheric situations. The whole family can share and commiserate or congratulate.
    So I guess it depends what use Insta for and what it gives back to you!
    Let’s hope that u, Jane, get back on board!

  3. I also deleted my Instagram account recently…and I feel GREAT!
    I find I’m so much more productive at work and also spending REAL time with people rather than scrolling through and creeping people I don’t actually care about in my spare time! If you’re the type of person who likes to challenge yourself and you really are addicted to Insta…I suggest you take a hiatus- its so freeing.

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