In The Know With Coco & Cowe: January 19

  1. Our fave POTUS is back, and on our fave entertainment source, no less.
  2. There’s this new thing called “tweetdecking” and people are making money on it (oh, the layers of Twitter).
  3. How did something this serious happen by accident? Turns out, it was the press of a wrong button. Do you believe that?
  4. You’ve probably already heard of this article about the “Master of None” actor – it’s the story everyone’s talking about right now.
  5. Continuing the conversation around assault and consent, this examines the Ansari story from both sides.
  6. Always a highlight in our inbox: Glossier has a new product out, and we’re itching to try it when it drops later this month.
  7. While this list is a round-up of what we’ve been reading and checking out this month, we’re also wondering what the members of Darling Magazine have been reading (this is basically your TBR list, made for you).
  8. This hangover cure involves a vegetable, but before you skip this one – there’s cheese (and that’s all we need on a Friday).
  9. And this: fighting for what you deserve by one of TV’s biggest stars. This will get you powered up for Monday!

Happy Friday, Cowe! Let us know what’s piqued your interest across the Web in the comments below.


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