3 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire And Uplift You

Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in the whirlwind of challenges that life seems to throw at us on a daily basis. Most of us have encountered relationship problems, financial troubles, health issues or a career setback at one point in time, and they can often leave us feeling discouraged or defeated. Whenever I’ve faced an obstacle or have felt stuck, I often find myself gravitating towards a certain social media app on my phone for some insight and motivation. Although Instagram may be best known for its bird’s eye view food shots or fashion blogger selfies, it has also been an amazing source for authors and artists to share their inspirational and uplifting thoughts and images.

Three accounts in particular have really resonated with me, as these individuals have found a way to express their moving words in a unique and visually stimulating manner.


Image source: Mari Andrew

Mari Andrew depicts her candid and often playful take on life’s everyday moments through the Instagram account she started a couple of years ago. Hailing from New York City, the writer/illustrator has used her insta-doodles to showcase some of the more challenging moments in her life – including her experience dealing with romantic heartbreak, in addition to a rare disorder that left her temporarily paralyzed. Andrew’s whimsical style of drawing, paired with the vulnerability she shares through her honest storytelling, has resulted in an authentic and refreshing feed that has garnered over 700k followers. Although some of her posts focus on periods of sadness, it is the acknowledgement of the sad, coupled with her positive outlook for what the future may hold, that is most inspiring.


Image source: Cleo Wade via Pinterest

Artist, poet and author, Cleo Wade, shares her empowering thoughts on love, acceptance and equality through the minimally styled, handwritten phrases that populate her Instagram account. The simple aesthetic that dominates Wade’s feed is perfectly suited for the calm and ease that one feels when scrolling through her mantras and affirmations. The words shared by Wade often sound like the wise and caring advice that you would expect from a close friend, making her a great source for your daily dose of positivity. On top of this, Wade has an amazing sense of style so you’ll not only leave her account feeling mentally refreshed, but you may also leave with some outfit inspo!


Image source: Adam J. Kurtz via Artwort

If you’re the type of person that rolls your eyes at the typical “motivational” Instagram account, you’ll love the quirky and vibrant posts from Adam J. Kurtz. The artist and author, who originally hails from Toronto, isn’t hashing out the sweet and sensitive sayings that you may be used to seeing, but rather the opposite. Kurtz offers his readers a witty and unapologetic dose of the truth, which is what seems to draw his followers in. His ability to poke fun at life’s setbacks, and his choice to depict his not-so-serious words of wisdom in a cheerful and childlike manner, will leave you smiling.

While Instagram can be an amazing (and quick) source of positivity, there are so many other outlets that we can turn to. So tell me, what keeps you feeling inspired and positive?




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