In The Know With Coco & Cowe: February 2

  1. In Toronto and going somewhere that requires on the Line 1 stops? This company is offering rides that cost the same amount as a token.
  2. The results of Groundhog Day seem to lean not in our favour in this neck of the woods, but we’re going with this one (come on, early spring).
  3. Yeah… it’s amazing how Grey’s Anatomy is still chugging along, but this spin-off is going to be our new guilty pleasure come March.
  4. This Renegade Love has some productivity tips that involve some serious time-saving apps and programs.
  5. Some Nasty Woman action at the Grammys – don’t know about you, but we love dramatic readings (though this take thinks Clinton could have skipped the shade).
  6. Speaking of awards ceremonies, why didn’t Spielberg receive a nomination for The Post?
  7. And this imaginative love story is leading the nominations!
  8. This blogger shares a very personal story about her parents’ parenting style growing up, and it’s all things touching and insightful.
  9. This article’s headline says it all: is hip-hop trash or are we just getting old?
  10. Skincare, we talk about it, you talk about it, it’s everywhere. This article asks the question: why are we going to such lengths when our skin has withstood millions of years of evolution?
  11. Commercials for the Super Bowl are always next-level, and this selection may cross some lines.
  12. The scary world of those “bots” you’ve heard about on Twitter.
  13. The best romance novels as suggested by Ashley Ford? Yes, please.
  14. There’s no doubt, #representation is top of mind for FLARE, in honour of Black History Month.
  15. We made it to the end of week, folks. Make something easy for dinner.

Happy Friday!


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