Why I’m Dating Myself This Valentine’s Day

I’ll cut right to the chase (or lack thereof): Valentine’s Day mostly sucks when you’re single. Since I’ve been solo for most Valentine’s Days, I tend to think of February 14 as a dreadful, disheartening day to get through.

Cue 2018: the year where scrubs* and skeezes are left in the dust (channeling my inner Regina George here) and I re-emerge to focus on how much I love myself.

It’s not pathetic and it’s not embarrassing. It’s actually time we start thinking about why we tend to feel sad, pathetic or embarrassed being single. Ain’t nothing pathetic about showing yourself some sweet lovin’.

Here are 3 magnificent reasons to date yourself this Valentine’s Day:

The challenge.

Being single can be a challenge. Put yourself up to the test of being alone this V-Day. Sure, you have tons of options. But put Tinder down because at the end of the day, will any of those options really fulfill your needs? No. Boy bye.

Speaking of fulfilling your needs…

Get yourself excited.

I mean, really excited. Not only about being single, but also about having an entire day dedicated to you, from the universe, to focus on getting to know yourself. You never know what will happen when you actually start feelin’ yourself.

Love you some you.

The hot topic right now is self-love. And guess what? I LOVE IT! What’s more loving than genuinely focusing on how much you love yourself? Nothing. Just ask Kanye. Express your self-love by indulging in it on the international day dedicated to love.

Do you have plans for a solo V-day? Let us know in the comments!



*A scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from you.

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  1. I’m excited about v-day. Single or not it’s a day to express love. Self love always come first because you can only love someone as deep as you love and appreciate yourself. This is just a day to be public about it i guess.

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