Worst Date Ever: We Asked, You Answered

Fresh off Hailey’s post on how to navigate the world of online dating`, it seems fitting to keep thinking about love during this month of February. But because we’re #realtalk kind of gals, and we know that flowers and chocolates does not a true modern romance make, we reached out to friends, colleagues, and you guys for an account of your worst date ever. Read on to find out just how bad it gets out there.

Once I met a really cute guy at a bar and we flirted all night and got extra tipsy. We exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night and texted all that week. The next weekend we decided to meet up for a date. He gave me his address and I pulled my car up waiting for this cute guy to walk out of the building… except a completely different person walked out… I had gotten so drunk and ended up spending that night at the bar with a DIFFERENT guy than I thought. The guy I ended up on the date with was totally awful; we had nothing in common and he kept talking about his swords and Lord of the Rings.

– Maggie, 30

I once went on a date with a guy I met through a family friend, and I knew it was off to a bad start when he showed up 15 minutes late smelling of weed. He then proceeded to tell me about how he grows pot in his spare time at his parents’ house (where he LIVED at age 28…), that anyone who drinks anything that isn’t craft beer isn’t worth his time (as I sat there with my Coors Light), and how he’s really planning to get his rap career off the ground if he could finally keep a job longer than a month. He then proceeded to drink 7-8 of his craft beers, and DROVE HOME afterwards! Needless to say, the friend that set us up got an earful from me, and all of his calls went unreturned.

– Taylor, 24

Let this be your reminder that bad dates happen to good people all the time, and although they were horrible, embarrassing and cringe-worthy in the moment… we can all agree they make for hilarious stories later. With that being said, let’s take a little trip down memory lane.

It wouldn’t be a bad date story if it didn’t start on good ol’ social media, now would it? Being freshly single (and apparently ready to mingle), I found myself drinking a glass of chardonnay with a gal pal and navigating through my newly made Tinder account. Approaching the end of our bottle of wine, I had seen I had been “super liked” (what does that even mean IRL?) and was awaiting a message from a verified, handsome pro athlete… sigh.

Fast forward about a week and some casual chit chat, a movie date was planned. After about 40 minutes after the time we agreed he was going to pick me up, I get a text message that he’s running late because he needs to go home and switch his cars because the rain wasn’t good for the current one he was driving… starting to cringe yet? Just wait. Eventually, we make it to the movie theatre where we are now choosing another to watch due to our (read: HIS) lack of punctuality. As we are paying, the theatre employee asks if we would like to view it in “regular” or “VIP”, and before I could speak, my date responds, “Well, does she look regular or VIP to you?” (I know girl, I was mortified too.) Following a few drinks at the “VIP” bar, along with him rudely vocalizing how unimpressed he was they didn’t have limes for his drink, we sat down in our seats. Roughly 45 minutes into the movie, 30 loud text message notifications, and another food discrepancy later… he stood up,  looked at his phone and said, “This movie sucks, let’s go to my friend’s party.”

Safe to say, I let him know I suddenly wasn’t feeling well and called an Uber real quick… Oh, and the highlight of my night? It was going home to eat pizza in bed with my roommate… and deleting Tinder.

– Kiersten, 21

So… it’s a tough world out there, huh? But at least we can all laugh about it. Got a good story of your own? We want to hear about it in the comments below!


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