Facial Fillers: Fashion, Function, For Me?

Nowadays it seems like everyone is getting ‘work’ done. Maybe it’s Instagram where image is king or maybe it’s the proliferation of ‘reality celebrity’ based solely on the merits of fame – being famous for being famous – that has led us down this path, or maybe it’s just my age, but I can’t help but feel that taking care of my skin has me thinking a little past the average facial.  With the rise of the age of ‘sharing’ and the growing movement of authenticity, people are sharing more and more about their beauty routines and I’ve been noticing more often people talking about fillers.

A virgin in this area of beauty, I have become more intrigued with the idea of fillers, smoothing out my fine lines and getting a bit of that youthful glow back. Being the daughter of an extremely cautious and feminist father (who also happens to be a surgeon) I have been very hesitant to even broach the topic, but on a chance meeting with Dr. Mauricio de Maio, when he popped into town, I got to know a very different side of fillers: what they are and what they can do that may have swayed me more than a little.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived for our meeting was how amazing everyone in the room looked; glowing skin, no visible lines, full lips, and a very youthful energy. The only way I would have guessed they had undergone an injectable treatment was because I was there to learn about injectables. It was all very soft and natural, with not a single “frozen” face in sight. I must admit that my thoughts on injectables were that you would not be able to move your face naturally anymore and would come off looking stuck in one expression, but I was proved very wrong over the next couple hours.

Internationally renowned facial esthetics expert, Dr. de Maio, has pioneered a new way to treat fine lines and aging. He believes discussing how his patients would like to feel as the basis of treatment is the most effective way to not only satisfy his clients but also to achieve the best results. Dr. de Maio believes beauty is derived from confidence and in talking to his patients about their worries or concerns he’s able to properly address them with not only conversation but also the right amount of JUVÉDERM®. Wondering what JUVÉDERM® is? Don’t worry, I was wondering the same. JUVÉDERM® is a family of facial fillers that are an injectable gel made with the key ingredient of hyaluronic acid (derived from a naturally occurring sugar in our bodies) that can be injected into the skin to restore plumpness and elasticity in the skin and lips.

Facial fillers are not just used to erase fine lines either; they can actually change the shape of your entire face. Dr. de Maio showed me some before and after photos of a client he had, and explained the insecurities she had suffered with her whole life; she always thought herself to be the “ugly” one in the group, because of her uneven features (something that had happened at birth had caused her face to droop on one side). With the help of facial fillers, this woman was able to get dramatic results without having to undergo surgery, which is what she was planning on doing. The strategic injections in her face gave her the results she so desperately wanted, without the risks of going under the knife.

I still don’t know if I’m ready to take the plunge with fillers but after talking to Dr. de Maio I have to say I’m definitely not as afraid and certainly not as judgemental of people who decide to take this path. Confidence really is key and if a little filler makes you feel better, why not? What I do know for sure is if and when I decide to test the waters, it will be with a seasoned professional and with a product (like JUVÉDERM®) that I can trust.

Curious for more info? Visit JUVÉ or find your local registered aesthetic medicine professional.

Now I want to hear what you have to say. How do you feel about facial fillers?



Photos by Shawn Pinnock


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One thought on “Facial Fillers: Fashion, Function, For Me?

  1. Fillers are the best thing ever!! It allows you to preserve your youth and age gracefully. I’m 39 and started when I was 35. The key is prevention is better than cure !! Fine lines in your face only become deeper with habit so why not get rid of those fine lines and it will prevent it from turning into creases that will never go away!! Also gravity gets the best of us why not pick it it back up and keep our cheeks forehead and jawline in place!! The moment you get it done youre going to be in aw!! And say “you remember looking like that”!! You just have to remember less is more!! And don’t go overboard!! If you can do it, then do it just know it becomes a lifestyle like going to the gym!! Those are my thoughts and experience good luck with what you decide. It is an amazing thing and you won’t regret it. Why not look fabulous!!

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