In The Know With Coco & Cowe: February 16

So… what’s been happening?

  1. Looks like the only Valentine’s Day sentiment that needs to be noted is Kanye’s, because… what?
  2. Are Deciem products a favourite of yours? Us, too. Their social media currently, however, is not so much.
  3. All of us in the office are now figure skating aficionados after watching the Olympics (naturally), and we can’t not clap for Mirai Nagasu’s history-making achievement.
  4. Chloe Kim had one of those Super Bowl commercials that made us cry, and now she has a gold medal, AND she tweets in between runs down the half-pipe, to boot. Who is this Olympian, and can we be best friends?
  5. We don’t often think about how we eat, but when you compare our habits to how people in Europe eat, it’s pretty interesting.
  6. Are you beyond excited for Black Panther this weekend? SO. ARE. WE. To prepare yourself, read this profile of Letitia Wright, one of the badass stars.
  7. We’re all aware of how much we’re on our phones, right? Well, this take makes it seem pretty jarring.
  8. Forever paving the way, our faves, the Obamas, reveal their stunning portraits.
  9. Need your cool-and-for-a-cause fix? Darling is on it with this list.
  10. Let’s keep the love train rolling. This is full of self-love: letters from amazing Black women to themselves.
  11. If you’re looking for the latest functional home decor piece that will… turn heads, this one’s definitely for you.
  12. Happy Family Day weekend! Worry less about cooking dinner and have more time to spend with loved ones instead.
  13. Drake wins again by just spreading the word of kindness 


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Photo by Samantha Clarke



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