5 Busy Girl Hacks To Staying Healthy

Just because were busy with our hectic schedules (that we actually love, so much) doesn’t mean we have to compromise looking and feeling our best, right? Over the years, I’ve come up with some little hacks (as I like to call them) to save me time and help me stay on track with my #HealthGoals.

Establish a nighttime routine (and stick to it!)

Fitting a little “me” time into the day not only helps me unwind and get relaxed, but it also gets me organized and keeps me motivated for the next day! By adding in little proactive things like packing your bags, picking out your outfit, and getting your lunch together, it’ll have you staying on track and make your mornings a breeze.


Playing off of my nighttime routine, my next busy girl hack to staying healthy is getting in those 8 hours of beauty sleep. With limiting myself to one coffee a day (which was a struggle at first, gotta be honest) I quickly realized how important being well rested was in order to be the best, and most productive version of myself I can be. Now, I know for a lot of us sleeping sounds a lot easier said than done, so try out these tips and tricks!

  • Make yourself a bedtime. Get your body into a habit of going to sleep at the same time every day.
  • Put your phone on “airplane mode” an hour before bed (this will keep you from getting distracted and really help you to relax!).
  • Start reading a good book! Reading before bed has made a huge difference in my overall sleep quality.
  • Transform your room into a little sanctuary of blissful relaxation with the help of lavender sleep sprays and your favourite diffuser scent!

Plan quick meals

I’ll be the first to admit, staying on track diet-wise is without a doubt one of the hardest things about living a busy girl lifestyle. That’s why planning quick, healthy meals has become an absolute must of a hack of mine.

  • AM smoothies. I’m all about that blend-and-go life! I love putting together everything I’d put in my smoothie into a plastic baggie and throwing it into the freezer to make my breakfasts fast, easy, and healthy. After throwing in my little baggie of frozen fruit and spinach, all I add is coconut water, a splash of almond milk, protein powder, and last but not least my favourite beauty supplements by The Beauty Chef
  • I also love cooking my protein and having it to add to quick salads, wraps or snacks at anytime. Chicken is always my #1, along with a newly discovered fave of mine being ceviche!
  • Last but not least I always have a made-up salad of some sort to add to my lunches and dinners. (Chickpea, quinoa, tabbouleh, the list goes on!)

Plan your workouts

AKA make them a priority. Over the years, I’ve learned that if something isn’t in my daily schedule (like actually noted in my agenda) it won’t end up happening. That’s why I make time by pencilling in my daily workouts so I can hold myself accountable without feeling bad that the rest of my day didn’t go exactly as planned. The same way I’d text a friend back saying “Can’t, looks like I have a meeting at that time” is the same way I’d respond about having to get in my exercise!

Walk that walk!

Living a busy life in the city, I used to catch myself Ubering everywhere! (Legit, I was the song). Not only did that not help my bank, but it didn’t help the healthy lifestyle I was trying to establish! By taking time into account, I now walk almost everywhere and love it. I love being able to fit in even more “me” time jamming out to a few good tunes all while getting in all my steps for my good ol’ Fitbit!

So there you have it! My 5 busy girl hacks to keep you a little more organized and motivated, along with saving you a little bit more moolah and a lot more time (time is money, honey). Have a #BusyGirlHack of your own? We’d love to know it! Tell us all about it in the comments!




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  1. Love your hacks..Reading before bed has helped me too, 8 hours min is soo important not too many people realize! Love your post!

    1. Thanks Jenn! There is something about reading before bed that has become so therapeutic for me… I’m always looking for more tips and tricks so feel free to share any you use or come across!


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