In The Know With Coco & Cowe: February 23

  1. Can we get a #YasQueen ? Queen Elizabeth II is the first in the royal family to attend London Fashion Week.
  2. Plot twist: What if Kim Kardashian’s robbery was actually set up by Taylor Swift? Bold words, we know, but take a look.
  3. Its officially #PiscesSeason, so here’s a month’s worth of horoscopes for all our fish-sign friends.
  4. Recapping the most daring fashion hits from the Brit Awards: who wore it worse, Dua Lipa or Rita Ora?
  5. They say this will be your new go-to dinner from now until Spring. Who doesn’t love consistency?
  6. Tessa and Scott – their names roll off the tongue like all the greats (Sonny and Cher, Beyoncé and Jay-Z… we could go on). So congrats on your record gold, but we gotta know: are you two together or what?
  7. You read a researched article here and there, and the quotes by esteemed professionals whiz by. Ever wonder what the male-female ratio of those quotes are, though? Hint: it’s crazy and disheartening, but this writer ran an experiment.
  8. Should you invite your ex to your wedding? Here’s one opinion.
  9. Have some dinner resos in your immediate future? Read this, make good choices.
  10. A lesson in Canadian history. How come this is not more widely spoken on?
  11. Keep the meal prep going strong and make these.
  12. This is a recurring trend and a sign that Spring will soon be here! We’re pretty ready over here.
  13. Next week’s motivation: this career story, from intern to editorial director at the same company. MUST READ.
  14. Slow clap for fashion today… yet another example of cultural appropriation.
  15. This fashion, instead: some electic inspo for next week’s wardrobe.


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Photo by Samantha Clarke


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