Personal Branding 101: Three Killer Ways To Build Your Brand Through Content

And so we meet again. I hope you enjoyed the self-exploration process! It is arguably the most challenging portion of creating your personal brand, but doesn’t it feel amazing to have a deeper sense of who you are? It’s a natural instinct for us to shy away from digging deep into our values, aspirations and where we see ourselves in the future, but you did it! *virtual high five*   

My next lesson revolves around content as the content you create builds your personal brand online. We already know how vital content is in today’s professional climate as it’s an easy way to reach your target audience, drive traffic to your website and build awareness around who you are and what you stand for.

I know, you’re probably asking yourself: what kind of content is this girl talking about? Let me explain.

There are three types of content that help you mould your X-factor into the brand called you and they are original, curated and contributed. Here we go:

Original Content

Original content is a great way to showcase your values and what you’re truly passionate about. It covers a whole spectrum that includes things like creating your own website, publishing articles on your website or third party sites such as LinkedIn, or you could even create a social channel dedicated to your niche on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Here is where you’ll put what you learned from the self-exploration process into practice, as you need to have a rock solid understanding of how to best showcase your expertise.

Curated Content

Not ready to jump into creating a dedicated channel for your niche? No problem. If you’re experiencing this, curating content relevant to your business and passion are a great first step. This means sharing articles and opinions on key topics and breaking news in your industry. This helps you position yourself as a thought leader among your followers, someone they can turn to as a trusted source. For the past year, I’ve focused on curating content related to my niche of social media and digital marketing, focusing primarily on my Twitter and LinkedIn audiences. With this careful curation, I’ve steadily increased my following and have been approached for a variety of professional and volunteer opportunities.

My advice? Identify the leading publications in your industry and create a Twitter list so you have a tailored feed to check regularly for content opportunities that you can repurpose for your channels.

Contributed Content

Finally, we have contributor content. The type of content where your original work and brand are featured on someone else’s channels and platform. In fact, this article you’re reading right now falls into the contributor category (shout out to Coco & Cowe for allowing me to be a regular contributor!)

Following my self-reflection, I realized I wanted to share my passion on personal branding and career with fellow #girlbosses but I wasn’t totally established in this space yet. This is why contributing aligned so well with my unique path as it allowed me to be exposed to a more expansive audience in the space in which I’m working to build my expertise. Since the launch of my first post, I’ve been lucky enough to receive amazing feedback from new and familiar followers, which is a testament to the power of contributing.

And there you have it, three different ways for you to mould your personal brand with content. It may seem scary at first, but don’t be afraid to be you.

I promise you will reap the many rewards of putting yourself out there just like I’ve had the chance to do.

For now, I challenge you to think back to your self-exploration and determine which type of content best suits your positioning and get writing and/or curating! I have full faith you will create something amazing. As for me, I’ll be working on the final instalment of this series so I can continue inspiring incredible women like you to put their best self forward. Stay tuned!

Have you started developing your strategic content plan yet? Not sure where to start? Share your experience and ask your questions below – I’m here to help you!



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