Everything You Need For Your Oscars 2018 Party

It’s no secret we are obsessed with our Hollywood flicks, red carpets and basically everything else that has to do with the Oscars. One of our favourite things about the obsession is making a night out of it and hosting our own Oscar-themed party night. We’ll take any excuse to recreate easy, fun and delicious recipes, cozy up on the couch and spend a night in with our friends and family. To get your party planning inspo going, we’ve created a list of our must haves for your Oscar-themed night. You’re going to need…

Some bubbly

I mean… need we say more? Opposed to life’s little wins that are always worth celebrating, champagne is the first on our list of must-haves at your Oscar party. (If there are any non-drinkers in the group, sparkling juice is delicious and looks just as glam fizzing away in a flute!)

A themed cocktail

You know we had to find the most glam and Oscar-themed cocktail on the internet to include in our list of essentials, and our search did not disappoint! We followed this recipe, and decided to add a fancy rim with a mix of citrus and sugar!

Salty bites

What’s an Oscar party without some good ol’ popcorn? Not just any popcorn, though… when we came across this fun and easy recipe, we couldn’t not add it to our list. It’s pretty much the complete package of snacks, factoring in being healthy, fast, and seriously addictive. With the combination of turmeric, black pepper and ground ginger (which all contribute to anti-inflammation and glowing skin) along with maple syrup to sweeten, your guests will be in for a sweet (salty) snack!

Here’s how we did it:

After popping your kernels, simply add all of the listed ingredients over your fresh popcorn, cover and shake (what your mama gave ya!) for 10 seconds.

… And sweet bites

We know we’re not the only ones who love easy-to-make treats that are equally as yummy as they are pretty. We were blown away at how dapper our chocolate-covered strawberries came out (on the first try, we swear!).

You will need:

  • Baking dark chocolate
  • Baking white chocolate
  • Some coconut oil
  • Fresh strawberries
  • An assortment of your glitteriest sprinkles


For the white chocolate drizzle, after having dipped all of our chosen strawberries in dark chocolate and let them cool, dip a fork around in your melted white chocolate and just drizzle over the strawberry in a “zig zag” formation! (we found it easier to start at the bottom and work our way up to the stem). The key is to move your fork back and forth rapidly, which results in the thin lines. For the tuxedo look, first dip your washed (and dried) berry fully in your melted white chocolate. After waiting a good 20 minutes for the first layer to harden, dip the berry into the dark chocolate on both sides at a 45-degree angle to create that little “V” aka… “vest” look. Following that, we finished off our best dressed berries by creating small black buttons with our dark chocolate, a toothpick and a steady hand! For the glitzy sprinkle look, simply a couple dashes of sprinkles immediately after dipping the strawberries in chocolate was an easy way to dress up this decadent treat.

The Ballot

To add a little more entertainment to the night, we’ve created our own printable Oscar ballot for you and your party to have and enjoy a little friendly competition with! We also love to include little prizes for our guests, such as a bottle of wine, a gift card, or a nice candle for our own little awards show of most movie-savvy, best-dressed, and best-guessed! Download our printable ballot here in PDF format, and here in JPEG format.

There you have it! Our must-haves for the ultimate Oscar-themed party that will surely mean you and your guests will be feeling like winners all night long! Now it’s your turn: we want to know what’s on your list of themed favourites that we have to add to our list. Lights, camera, action!


The Team

Photos by Samantha Clarke


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