A Note: We Women Are The Future


It’s been a very long time since I’ve checked in and since so much has been changing here on Coco & Cowe, I thought it might be time for a little tête-à-tête.

We’ve been spending the last year truly reformulating what (if anything) Coco & Cowe was/is to be. I’m a collaborator at heart and I created this thing with the intention that it would never be solely about me – hence the Cowe. But the truth is, I fell out of love with social media. Everything that attracted me to this shiny new medium – the democratic approach (everyone has a voice!), the freedom, the collaboration, the smallness – had somehow turned on its head. Though I was also going through some major life upheaval, I found myself totally disheartened with this platform and maybe a little out of love with myself.

I found Halla, my business partner, and we began building a PR firm (Halo) and continued to build out the event side of Coco & Cowe. We’ve been busy. It has been exciting, but something about this Coco & Cowe thing kept nagging at me. We found Trang, our now Editorial Assistant, and I began to see how we could grow. So much of life is about momentum, shedding layers, change; and though it’s been difficult releasing the reigns a bit, Trang and the rest of the team have proven more than capable to grow the voice of Coco & Cowe to what I’ve always dreamed it would be.

Coco & Cowe is and continues to strive to be a resource for women. We’re your internet best friend and we want to share all that’s interesting and relevant to us and to you. To get to where we want to be we realized that we need a plethora of voices to share stories to reach all corners of this beautiful world. We’ve started slowly to reach outside of our office of voices to include contributors and there’s nothing that excites me more. Through the diligent work of our team we’ve been able to create a fun roster of writers that will be serving you stories that you will relate to and others that will make you think.

Here are some of my favourites:

Fit Fat Girl

Personal Branding

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A Guide To Online Dating 

Let’s Stop Playing It Safe At The Grammy’s 

Why I Got Rid Of My Instagram Account

If you’re interested in contributing shoot us a line!

As we March (ha!) into Women’s Month I pose this question to you (as I pose it to myself); in this day and age, what does it truly mean to you to be a woman? In this world for information and sharing what would you want the world to know about your experience as a woman?

As much as the world needs to understand the answer to the question, we, as women, need to understand it, too. Though there is so much chatter out there about rights and freedoms, it’s the real conversations and the community-building that surrounds it and that’s what makes for effective change. We’re here for it, for the fun and the whimsy, but also for the truth and the reality. We want to be your escape and also a loud and invested part of the community and the movement for change. So if you see different faces and voices pop up on Coco & Cowe (here and Instagram), now you officially know what’s up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for any and all of you who continue to read, share and like. We wouldn’t be able to grow without you!

Also, sign up for our Newsletter! We’re finally going to send one out and I promise it won’t be boring! Plus, you can be some of the first to find out about the Speaker Series we’ve been hard at work on….



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