In The Know With Coco & Cowe: March 2

And just like that, we’re in March. To kick off yet another fresh month, you know we had to come through with everything you need to stay #InTheKnow with #CocoAndTheCowe.

  1. Serena Williams’ husband puts everyone else to shame with this massive romantic gesture.
  2. It’s time to start thinking about #picnicseason… Up your picnic game with these adorable printed paper plates and cups.
  3. Stay in for brunch this weekend and make this!
  4. Cute trinket dishes, tailored to your Zodiac sign, for under $4!
  5. A podcast for the true rom-com lovers out there. Especially moved by Daniel Radcliffe’s reading of Simon Rich’s “The Present” (Disclaimer: grab your tissues for this one!).
  6. A beautiful and honest look at what it’s like to be a self described fat mom.
  7. Marci Ien, co-host of the Social, describes her many pull-overs by the police in her neighbourhood and questions the ideals of racial harmony in Canada.
  8. In the wake of the Florida shooting, this teacher gives their heartfelt point of view on the current system available for children and guns in schools.
  9. With wedding season approaching, we have you covered with this guideline for you to stay #InTheKnow.
  10. It’s too late to say sorry now, @girlwithnojob.
  11. Let’s stop whitewashing films, shall we?
  12. And on the topic of films, the Oscars are coming up, and apparently, the organizers want the show to focus solely on the films, and not the many politically and socially charged discussions surrounding them and the industry.
  13. Not sure how that can be avoided, especially if some celebrities will be steering clear of Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet for an important reason.
  14. New month, endless opportunities to kick-start any health goals you have.
  15. The Olympics only just ended and we have major Tessa and Scott withdrawal. Luckily, Tessa is with us in spirit and on Twitter.
  16. Stereotyping is alive and well, and sometimes there’s even the gall to do it on national television.
  17. We love smoothies (and you probably do, too), so this was so informative. Are our smoothies actually healthy?

Have a great weekend, Cowe!


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