A Lesson In Self-Love: Taking The Time To Recognize My Accomplishments

This #WomensHistoryMonth, and in the theme of what we’re growing Coco & Cowe to be, we’re highlighting the voices of our very own team. Wanting to tell our own authentic stories, we asked them: What do you want the world to know about your experience being a woman?

I remember being in kindergarten and looking up at all of the beautiful and “adult” grade 8 girls. They had it all figured out, and I couldn’t wait until I, too, was old enough to wear sparkly eyeshadow and walk to the bus stop alone.

I remember being in grade 9, fresh to high school and all of the confusion that comes along with it. And I’d see the grade 12 girls with their boyfriends and cars and big plans to go off to school and start their lives away from my small town. I couldn’t wait until I was at their point in life, and that’s when I’ll finally feel like I have everything together; that’s the end goal.

I remember being in my first year of college, and having 4 young women that had just graduated come into our class to talk to us about how they were finding their careers so far, and how the program has prepared them. They were polished, organized, and successful; everything that I wanted, and couldn’t wait, to be. That’s when I’ll finally feel like I have everything together; that’s the end goal.

And after this pattern continued with each new phase of my life I realized something: for years I’d been comparing myself to women without realizing the things I had accomplished so far. I wasn’t giving myself the credit I deserved, and as a result, I was feeling constantly unfulfilled.

As you accomplish one goal, of course it’s only natural to set another, but the ability to soak up your success is so important. Recognizing the milestones, and taking a second to myself to say “wow, I just did that” has helped me to feel happier not only for myself, but for other women and their accomplishments.

So I challenge you, Coco & Cowe readers, our Cowe, to recognize your accomplishments as they come. Always look to the future and keep pushing yourself, but in my experience as a woman, it’s equally as important to stop and smell the roses.




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