In The Know With Coco & Cowe: March 9

Staying in the know of pop culture and current events is exactly what makes sure The Future Is Female. Knowledge is power, ladies!

  1. After a brutal breakup on-air, women are rallying around Becca from The Bachelor and sending her money for booze on Venmo.
  2. Hinting to his depression during All-Star Weekend, DeRozan has received huge support and is now encouraged to speak out more on mental health.
  3. It’s been over 10 years since Rush Hour 3, so this is a nostalgic announcement.
  4. Just a nice tweet on perspective and failure to serve as a reminder for all you girlbosses out there.
  5. Getty Images mixes Mirai Nagasu and Kelly Marie Tran up on the Oscars red carpet – apparently two Asian public figures can’t wear blue and be told apart?
  6. Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere will be adapted to TV with the help of Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon – a combination we didn’t even know we needed till now.
  7. Does your bedroom need an update for spring? Here’s a list of 20 cute home finds!
  8. Books to read for Women’s History Month… #GetchaReadOn
  9. NYPD are getting closer to actually arresting Harvey Weinstein… Time’s Up!
  10. Michelle Obama, forever an advocate for women and girls, talks to Refinery29 about the importance of girls’ education.
  11. Also, Michelle Obama’s memoir is set to release in November, and yes, everyone needs it.
  12. Celebrating women’s history by creating Barbie role models sounds like a good idea right? This article will make you think again!
  13. The new trend that may replace your favourite pair of jeans… say what?
  14. The prettiest portable electric toothbrush… because why not have everything be aesthetic?
  15. Maybe we should actually listen to mom… This fashion icon says ripped jeans are “Insanity”.

Happy Weekend, Cowe! May our girl power punch right through to Monday and forevah evah.


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