Detox Your Skin With Yves Rocher

When thinking about pollution, the conversation usually surrounds how it’s affecting our planet. What takes a backseat is what pollution does to our bodies, our health and our skin. As what we eat affects our skin, so does what surrounds us and pollution can do a number on that pretty epidermis. Since the New Year I’ve been detoxing my body by staying away from sugar and refined carbs and drinking a ton of water and have physically felt so much better. I’ve also been really zeroing in on a skin care regime that can get my skin looking refreshed and glowing – even in the winter (not that easy for a mixed chick, trust me!).

I always use a combination of products but when thinking about detoxing and the effects of living in a big city full of pollutants, I have added some of Yves Rocher’s detoxifying products from their Elixir Jeunesse collection. This collection is specifically formulated to fight polluting particles that surround us, because it features concentrated aphloia extract, which boosts the skin’s repair and anti-pollution systems.

Here are three products I love:

  1. Detoxifying Flash Mask: for two reasons, 1. It’s fast! Yep, we don’t always have a lot of time to do a full mask sesh, and 2. It actually gives you a glow!
  2. Double Action Essence: If you follow us on Instagram, you know I love me a serum, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Using both morning and night, this serum isn’t drying and totally helps with that glow (it’s that detoxifying aphloia extract, I’m tellin’ ya).
  3. Restructuring Day Care: I love to put this moisturizer over my serums. It helps with the dry feeling I’ve been getting this winter and puffs up those stubborn little fine lines.

To add to all of this, Yves Rocher works hard to source their plants and products from suppliers that have a respect and care for the environment. AND most of their products are all-natural, free from mineral oil, silicone, colorants and parabens.

What’s your fave way to detox?



Photos by Samantha Clarke


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