In The Know With Coco & Cowe: March 16

  1. Check out these 7 habits that have changed lives. Try incorporating at least two this week and see how you feel!
  2. How men can help in the #MeToo movement.
  3. Millennials remain a topic of interest for both themselves and employers. This video is a great in-depth look at the difference between millennials and previous generations, why and how to work better as one and how to be a better employer of one.
  4. Yeah… we have FOMO about Yayoi Kusama’s AGO exhibit, too.
  5. Overhead compartments are not designed for pets! Absolute tragedy for poor Kokito (a ten-month-old French bulldog).
  6. The exact kind of bold move we need from all publications.
  7. Getting real candid on what women do to keep things groomed down *there*.
  8. The struggle is real when budget is not an easy to understand concept… but here is a tip or two.
  9. Is the new Tomb Raider finally departing from its misogynistic tendencies in the portrayal of women’s bodies? Here’s to Alicia Vikander kicking ass and being fit AF.
  10. Yes to more transparent conversations about compensation – there’s no need for the topic of money to be taboo anymore.
  11. Worrying about having friends is not something easily outgrown, even into adulthood. Here are some tips to make friends with making friends.
  12. We don’t know what cryptocurrency is either… but these 4 ladies can help.
  13. Inspiring quotes by the great Stephen Hawking, proving his legacy will not only be in science, but also in humanity.
  14. Check out these 5 ways to spice up your marriage after kids. Do you have kids? Would you try these? We wanna know!
  15. Harry Styles just came out as bisexual; do we all agree we saw that coming?
  16. If you’re planning on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, be safe, have fun, and read this.
  17. Check out why thousands of students in us US walked out of their classrooms, to prove this strong message


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Photo by Samantha Clarke


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