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In The Know With Coco & Cowe: March 23rd

Its been a week, but we made it, Cowe! We’ve compiled everything you need to know, to stay #InTheKnow this weekend including everything from Bumbles #ClapBack, to the Spice Girl reunion and why you should change your privacy settings on Facebook.

  1. Bumble publicly calls out Match Group on their attempts of hostile takeover in the most epic clap back ever
  2. Oprah has been open about her journey to a healthy lifestyle, here she shares 5 tips she’s learned along the way
  3. Drool worthy booties. (end of story)
  4. We just learned how to find the perfect shade of red lipstick, and now you can too.
  5. Ever wonder what its like to attempt the Whole30 diet? Here’s what its like to be 2 weeks in.
  6. We tried this healthy and seasonal kale pesto mushroom pistachio bowl recipe… (its vegan, its gluten free and it did not disappoint!)
  7. Lena Waithe covers Vanity Fair and the story makes us love her even more.
  8. Find out who the worst guest on SNL was, would you beliebe us?
  9. OMG, a Spice Girl reunion? Ok, it’s time to “holler” for real!
  10. How do you feel about this Instagram trend that we’ve been seeing everywhere?
  11. Check out these eco-friendly grocery bags that’ll have you feeling effortlessly chic
  12. Who’s excited for the GLAAD awards? Check out this years nominees here!
  13. There is now a one stop shop for plus size women, and its Revolve’s sister brand.
  14. #SOS: Facebook has breached your privacy, along with 1.5 billion others.


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