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In The Know With Coco & Cowe: March 30th

This week we’ve got everything you need to know to be the coolest person at your Easter brunch. Find out what The Weeknd’s new album is all about (or should we say.. who), what products have made us breakup with our eyelash extensions, and what podcast you need to be listening to. Happy long weekend, Cowes!

  1. How could you forget one of the largest data breaches in history? Infidelity is on the rise with the help of this company’s rebrand.
  2. When the lash refills become unaffordable, this is the alternative! Surprising quality that doesn’t break the bank.
  3. Heineken’s ad for their new light beer is pulled… Check out why, here.
  4. We just learned how to grocery shop…now we really feel like we’ve got this #adulting thing down pat.
  5. Wait…it’s possible even Beyoncé has bad weeks? Find out why, here.
  6. Check out these vegan smoothie bowls that will have your skin glowing more than your favourite serum.
  7. Wedding season is upon us! Engagement party attire never seems to be a priority, so here ya go. You’re welcome.
  8. Getting ready just got so much more entertaining, because we just came across Betches amazing podcast column. Multitasking at its finest.
  9. Newly single and Instagram babe, Olivia Culpo just collaborated with Revolve (and we’re obsessed). You can shop it here.
  10. The Weeknd just released an album, and it’s about Selena Gomez breaking his heart after he offered her his kidney (say what!?).
  11. Find out what the Cowe has been obsessed with every Tuesday. (We’ll give you a hint: It’s raw, it’s real and it’s unfiltered).
  12. @ChrisBrown you and the world have a very different definition of ‘playful’.


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