My 5 Work Trip Essentials

I’ve always travelled for business but lately it’s gone into overdrive. From same day trips to overnighters, to work trips with multiple stops and then week-long client meetings, in order to stay fresh and on top of it, you need to stay organized and what you pack can mean all the difference.

So, this is a supplement if you already know the drill. You’ve packed your lip balm, moisturizer, oversized scarf, etc. etc. Now here’s your checklist for the professional road warrior.

  1. Wet Ones (travel pack)

You can use them to wipe your hands, tray table or even the sauce you accidentally dripped on your blouse right before a meeting.

      2.  A very good battery pack.

Planes are so unreliable and sometimes there’s no power source. Be prepared with your own juice. Its also a big plus when someone in a meeting needs a boost because it shows you’re prepared. I have a Mophie that has up to 5 full phone charges and can also charge by MacBook. It’s my lifesaver.

      3.  A transition bag.

The worst thing is to travel with a backpack only to find yourself in an impromptu cocktail hour that could potentially turn into dinner. I’m a backpack person but when travelling for work, the tote comes with. It’s presentable in meetings and won’t leave you feeling shy about it at night. My Alexander McQueen has a zipper (absolute must for me) and is the perfect size and weight so I don’t mind carrying it through airports.

     4.  Invest in a skirt or pant/trench coat combo suit. ie – an outfit that can be layered with a jacket. Pack that outfit and wear the jacket on the plane.

So you check the weather report and all seems fine until you touch ground and out of nowhere Mother Nature pulls a doozy. Not having the right attire for the weather means being uncomfortable and when you’re uncomfortable, it messes with your confidence. The upside, you have the trench coat for other outfits. I have a go-to Pink Tartan number that fits the bill perfectly.

     5.  Business casual flats.

You’re in a meeting and your colleagues decide to grab a drink five NYC blocks away. Most are men so its time to walk. Good thing you have those flats in that tote of yours. I’m definitely in need of a new pair and have my eyes on the Chanel patent loafers.

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