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In The Know With Coco & Cowe: April 6th 2018

T.G.I.F! We’re basically your one stop shop for everything you need to know to stay #InTheKnow. Check out our favourites this week below. Happy Friday, Cowes!

  1. The female-focused company is part of a wave of modern societies geared to female entrepreneurs. Count us in! All the details here. 
  2. Now that Jersey Shore is back in action, check out these moments that will take you back to 2012.
  3. After 30 years of experience in the industry- it’s about time! Slow clap for Catherine Tait.
  4. We know we weren’t the only ones that binged Stranger Things…but why are the creators being sued now? 
  5. One of our favourite bloggers created a Coachella shopping list…We need all of it.
  6. So, how much water in a day do we really need? 8 glasses? This article begs to differ.
  7. Is there a new mommy in your life? Here is the ultimate gift guide to make her first Mothers Day special.
  8. This “Nutty Crusted Butternut Squash Bowl” will having you glowing from the inside out.
  9. This project is making prom dreams come true, one dress at a time (+ the best part is…you can help!).
  10. Feeling like your in a little bit of a slump? There is a TED talk for that. Check out these 5 talks that’ll have you feeling inspired and back in your groove. 
  11. We get it, you’re busy! Check out this working girl detox that you can actually stick to! 
  12. The Podcasts we’ve been loving this week… right here.
  13. The app that will actually get you do put your phone down, be present and enjoy things IRL.


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