5 Workspace Essentials

It’s safe to say that having a clean and organized workspace goes hand in hand with your productivity and overall well being. Here at the Cowe, we’ve put together our 5 favourite workspace essentials we can’t live without. Check them out below!

A Diffuser

A total game changer, we love our diffuser here in the office! The most important part in creating a productive workspace is creating a relaxing and inviting environment, that you actually want to be in. Diffusers are great for purifying the air around you, in addition to smelling your favourite scent around your desk with aromatherapy essential oils. Picking out the oil of the day (such as “Refresh” and “Liquid Sunshine” from Saje) helps us get our creative juices flowing and has truly become a step in our office morning routine, here at the Cowe.

Glossier’s Balm Dotcom

Not only can we all agree that our Balm Dotcom’s are always in arms reach of our desks here at the Cowe, although we can collectively agree no matter where we are… so are the Dotcom’s. The famous Glossier lip balm is super moisturizing, doubles as cuticle balm and is basically good for everything else that needs some love. Our favourite flavours are Birthday Cake, Cherry and Coconut. 

Laptop Accessories

We all have the same accessories for our laptops here at the office; a wireless keyboard, mouse and a laptop stand. Essentially, we transform our laptops into desktops when sitting at our desks and we can’t ever imagine going back. Introducing these accessories into your workspace makes everything related to writing and navigating on your computer for long hours of the day so much easier! In addition to the convenience, having your laptop screen elevated (like the one here) is so much better for your posture (plus, a mouse vs. a track pad? Thank us later, Cowes).

A quality pair of noise canceling headphones

Having a good pair of ear/headphones is a must, our trusted favourites being our Bluetooth Beats by Dre and Apple Airpods. When it’s time to get in the zone being able to plug in, cue your favourite playlist and get to work is sometimes needed! #NoTimeForDistractions

Aromatherapy Oils

These oils are great additions to your workspace, to keep you calm, refreshed and relaxed! Aromatherapy oils are often overlooked but we have found that keeping our favourites on our desk (“peppermint halo” and “Immune”) helps us fight off colds and headaches in the most natural (and relaxing) way!

There you have it! Think there’s anything were missing and have to have on our desks? Let us know in the comments.


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