A Love Letter To My Mom

  Confession time: I did what every journalism and PR professional is told not to do. I scooped myself, big time.

When I was asked to write about womanhood I immediately knew I had to mention my mother. Knowing full well that just a few weeks later I wanted to do something special for her on the blog in honour of her 50th birthday. But, I had to. Everything I know about being a strong woman, I’ve learned from my mom. So, I did it. I gave the world a little glimpse at my amazing, boss-lady momma.  

Although today, I want to do a bit more than just humble-brag to the world about my in-real-life cool mom. April 11th, 2018 is the day Tam turns 50. A huge milestone for anyone, but an even bigger one for our family in particular.

When I say my mom is a fighter, I don’t just mean she will DM my ex after he wronged me to tell him she’d reach out and slap him if she could. Although, my friends and I still laugh about this because hell yeah, my mom did that. But, what I mean when I say she’s a fighter is that she has taken on much bigger battles and won. This woman is a cancer survivor.

This birthday is a big deal because in 2010 when my mom was diagnosed with cancer there were moments that 50 seemed uncertain. Even saying this years later still makes me feel a little ill. I was in complete denial when I was told the news of her diagnosis. For me, life without my mom is unimaginable. I couldn’t fathom the thought and at the time, I refused to acknowledge the possibility. However, eight years later, my mom is cancer-free and I am able to look back on the entire situation with a different perspective – extreme gratitude.

It’s no secret that cancer doesn’t discriminate. My mom beat the disgusting disease, but unfortunately, so many other families have different experiences. With that being said, I am always so friggen’ grateful for another year with my mom. Getting older is a blessing, we are so lucky for every day we have here and every memory we are able to make. I will never take that for granted. There isn’t a day that goes by where the thought doesn’t cross my mind as to how I got so unbelievably lucky to have the mom I do.

I can often be found gushing about Tam (see previous blog post, hehe) but on her birthday I wanted to give everyone else the chance to show how much they care. I’ve said it before but repeat after me, everyone needs a Tam in their life.

“Tam is one of the most fierce, strong, brave and beautiful woman I know. I look up to her everyday.” – Jackie

“I first met Tammie when we sat in a room full of women who were supporting each other, on a warm day in June 2010. My first impression was how beautiful she was.  She smiled and spoke lovingly about her two children, and quietly about the reason she was in this room with us. I’m proud to call her my friend, one with whom I share a special bond.” – Neve

“She’s loving, strong and always finds a way to overcome life’s challenges with grace.  Tam is always there for her family and friends and never afraid to help. I am so proud of her and so happy Pat found her just in the nick of time :)” – Lyn

“She’s a no nonsense kind of gal. She will always give you the truth, even when it’s ugly. It’s a rare quality that I greatly admire.” – Candy  

“Yes I am her older brother BUT Tammie has always been the wise sage of my life. A true “Old Soul” whom I turn to for strength (no matter where I am in the world). She is my rock!” – Dean

“Seeing the challenges she’s tackled and beaten makes me believe nothing is impossible with the right attitude. Reading books about it is one thing, seeing it happen right in front of you is something else altogether.” – Anthony

“We have so many great memories together. But one that sticks out was when your mom got up early and picked me up to take me to my physical test before I got hired into the police. That day truly  meant so much to me. I couldn’t have done it without her and truly didn’t want anyone there more than her.” -Tanya

“I love her laugh, and I get to hear her laugh every day because she laughs at my stupid jokes and hearing her laugh brings me daily joy.” – Pat

The middle photo makes me laugh because to this day, even into my twenties, you continue to lift me up – figuratively, of course. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cut it and there are not enough hours in a day to truly express what you mean to our family. I’m so thankful for the bond we have, it really is one of a kind. Just know, I still will be dancing (bad dancing, mind you) any chance I get, singing EXTRA loud in public to embarrass you, going on long-winded tangents and sending you those mid-day “I love you” texts for another 50 years, so get ready Tam!





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