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In The Know With Coco & Cowe: April 13th, 2018

You know what time it is… Here’s your daily dosage of the #Cowe, keepin’ you #InTheKnow.

  1. Now that mercury is out of retrograde, (and we made it out alive) here are your weekly horoscopes.
  2. Urban outfitters is having a huge apartment sale right now. We’re “add to cart-ing” almost everything.
  3. Now you see em, now you don’t. Here are 8 of the best spot treatments.
  4. Thinking your relationship lost its spark? Sophia Amoruso can help you with that! 
  5. You know we’re all about #PersonalBranding here at the Cowe, check out this 6 episode series for your weekly dosage. 
  6. Canadians are leaving a hockey stick outside their houses to pay tribute to the Bronco’s hockey team. Join us in supporting the biggest GoFundMe to ever exist, for a reason.
  7. We’ve already memorized all of the lyrics here at the Cowe, just another reason Cardi B set a billboard record on Apple music in one week. #YasQueen
  8. The Silence. The Legacy of Childhood Trauma.
  9. Spring cleaning is more than just clearing out half of your closet. Check out how to get rid of more toxic garbage in your life (we mean, people*)
  10. All of the “bachelorette” spoilers we know you secretly want to read…You’re welcome.
  11. Switch things up this weekend. Host a brunch! Try out these 22 delish recipes.
  12. There is a new CLS in town (Cute Little Spot) and its a wine bar... (heart emoji)


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