From Winter Dry To Summer Fresh In 5 Easy Steps

To absolutely no one’s surprise, I love beauty. Makeup, hair, nails, skin care, lashes … I am here for all of it. My roommate can attest that I’ll spend hours on YouTube watching tutorials but as much as I’d like to think so, binging beauty videos doesn’t make me an expert. Sigh.

This winter, I have been travelling almost non-stop. Switching back and forth between Toronto’s polar vortex and Miami’s hot sun. Now, I realize this statement makes no one sympathetic for my situation. And seriously, I’m not complaining – I practically skipped winter! However, while this dose of sunshine may have upped my mood (that Vitamin D!!!), unfortunately, my hair has taken the brunt of it.

I always suffer with dry, brittle hair in the winter but this time around, it was particularly bad. I have really thick hair and finally, I can say that it’s actually pretty long too. Usually, I can curl my hair, sleep on it and still wake up with soft, tousled waves. But lately, that has come to a hard stop. I was having to wash my hair almost daily because I would wake up with frizzy, tangled ends and would not be able to salvage it. I knew I needed serious help, summer is coming and I want to be live carefree (in life and in the name of haircare). So, I turned to the hair care experts at N15 Hair Salon for much needed advice.

I spoke with Tai, a colour lead and stylist at N15, to figure out how to take my damaged ‘winter’ hair into summer. He gave me five pro-tips that I had to share with all of you!

Treat yo’ self, and yo’ hair

The first thing that N15 recommended for dry, extremely damaged hair was the NP3.1 treatment, one of the most popular treatments in Japan. This is a treatment that works to repair damage from the inside out and focuses on relaxation. Sign me up. It is a three-step process all done at the shampoo bowl. Getting your hair in tip-top shape for summer with the NP3.1 takes a little over an hour, just a bit more time than a blowout. The three step process is as follows:

  • Step one rebuilds the cortex bringing moisture to the hair from the inside out. For those who were unaware how important the cortex of your hair is, it determines the hair strands’ colour, curl pattern, thickness and texture.
  • Step two seals the new found moisture into the hair.
  • Step three is an intense moisturizer to ensure your hair is feeling it’s best
  • Finally, you are given a take-home treatment that you can use at home for a weekly booster (depending on your hair type, should last for four uses).


My hair was damaged goods when I first went into the salon, but after the treatment I saw an immediate difference in not only the colour (hello, shine), but also in the texture of my hair. It felt silky smooth, something I haven’t felt in my hair in months. I highly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from dry, brittle winter hair. It’s not a permanent fix but it definitely left me feeling much better off than where I started. No matter what your hair care situation is, N15 offers a number of other treatments designed to bring your locks back to life! Find the full menu here.

Don’t fear the scissors

Tai told me an unfortunate truth, once the hair is split, there is no way seal it back permanently. The only way to get rid of those pesky split ends is to cut them off with sharp scissors. He said that any “split end sealer” products out there are simply a band-aid solution. Getting a trim every three to four months is the best way to refresh the ends because even the best haircut collapses after that time frame.  

Safety first  

Use a heat protectant spray, I repeat heat protectant is vital. At the end of the day, Tai says that any heat protectant spray is good, as long as you are using one. His personal favourites though? Firewall from AG Hair or Hot Spray from Kenra.  Focus the spray on your end and then proceed to comb through evenly before using any heat tools.

Summer may bring the heat, but you don’t have to

Speaking of heat, this one I am so guilty of. Lock me up hair care police! Tai stressed the importance of using the right temperature on straightener or curling wand. I personally crank it up to the highest setting possible and then wonder why my hair is fried, but don’t be like me. Be better. Here are his recommendations: fine hair/bleach blonde hair use 250-300℉, for medium hair use 300-350℉ and finally, with thick/coarse hair use 350-400℉. Most tools in the market can go upto 450℉, but the only time you should use something that hot is when you are doing treatments, such as keratin. Other than that, lower the heat folks!

It’s ok mask the issue (for once)

How do you keep that hair looking sleek and shiny? Tai says that a good conditioner or a hair mask is your answer. Most masks have a fair amount of acid in them which works to lower pH levels of the hair and close cuticles. I love a good DIY and often fall prey to what the internet tells me, but Tai advises that you don’t waste your lemon, eggs or avocado and instead invest in a trusted hair mask or conditioning routine.

There you have it, Cowes! Five tips from a hair care pro when we needed it the most – thank you Tai! Inspired to give your hair a little trim or to finally invest in those luscious locks with a proper treatment? Call N15 Hair Salon at 416-615-0088.

What are your go-to hair care tips and tricks? We’d love to hear from you!




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