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In The Know With Coco & Cowe: April 20th, 2018

We searched around for everything you need to know, to stay #InTheKnow this week… so you don’t have to. Happy Friyay, Cowes!

  1. Wait, it’s tax season? Just when we thought we procrastinated too long, betches saved us. Literally.
  2. Taco Friday? We just made that a thing…cause’ of this delish 5 ingredient taco recipe.
  3. J.Cole just dropped a new album. Need we say more? Listen here. 
  4. This little anxiety trick is so simple, yet so helpful.
  5. (Disclaimer: Major FOMO ahead) Incase you missed it on your feed… this is what #Beychella was like.
  6. Because money looks better in your bank rather than on your feet. Here’s 6 books to help you out, sista!
  7. If you didnt think Beyonce deserved two spots on our ITK this week… This will have you rethink that.
  8. Everything you NEED to know before watching the new season premier of Westworld this Sunday.
  9. Meghan Markle just stepped out in the most perfect Spring dress, and its not sold out..yet
  10. The life changing website that will save you this wedding season


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