Happy Earth Day!


I’ve had the privilege of enjoying swimming in a clean ocean with my family for most of my life and attribute those long beach days to my commitment of doing my part to ensure that we treat Mother Nature as well as she’s been treating us for centuries. I used to be so angry about every time I heard or read another heartbreaking story about the impact of about the impact of global warming or the eradication of an entire species solely because of the collective selfishness of humans.

Over the last few years I’ve been inspired to channel that anger into action by friends, who’ve challenged themselves to be more accountable for their impact on the environment. Although my actions may be small, I’m convinced that the few small steps I’ve taken are going to make a difference. I’ve shared a few changes I’ve made to reduce waste and be more environmentally conscious and it would mean the world to me if you tried to adopt a few of them too!

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cup)

This first easy step is my personal favourite. When we were discussing Earth Day in the office I gave my colleague’s iced coffee she was drinking out of a plastic cup and straw such side-eye, I immediately knew I had to write about it for Earth Day.  The best part was that within the hour she bought a reusable Starbucks cup with a straw and can drink guilt free iced coffee to her hearts content. The added bonus is that you save on every coffee at Starbucks if you bring your own cup.

Say no to straws

One of the best pieces of news is that more than 80 Toronto bars are going to stop using straws! While this is amazing, what happens when you’re at the remaining restaurants in the city, or travelling? You can always request to have your drink without a straw. If you think that I’m starting to get borderline annoying, watch this video of this sea turtle unable to breathe normally and in extreme pain over one straw. Did you know you can also buy metal straws on Amazon?

Be specific when ordering takeout

When ordering takeout, especially when it’s being delivered to our homes or offices, try to request no cutlery. You won’t believe how much of a difference not using even one plastic fork and spoon makes.

Say no to plastic shopping bags

I’ve been guilty of asking for a bag at Shoppers waaay too often. In the last few months I’ve made a conscious effort to either carry my shopping items in my backpack or go completely prepared carrying my own reusable shopping bags with me. I am so happy that stores like Shoppers encourage you to buy these reusable shopping bags and even have them in a few different colours that you can choose from.

Don’t be lazy

This is something I try to follow in every aspect of my life, but what I mean here is to take the extra time to dump your garbage where it belongs and to separate the from recyclables when you can. I went to an event last night where I threw the used tissues from a cup into the trash and put the cup into the recycling bin and took the time to empty a half-filled plastic glass before putting in into a recycling bin as well. I realized I was holding someone up, so I began to apologise, but he was so happy and said, “you know what, I’m going to do that too!”

The popular phrase that mother nature has been here long before us and will be here long after has been used so much, but only because of how accurate it is. We need her more that she needs us.

Please share any of your environmental friendly habits you think we can adopt into our lifestyle. We’d love to hear from you!