Spring Time is the Best Time To Declutter

Though I don’t want to jinx it, dare I say…. Spring is HERE! With all of the excitement that surrounds the end of the Longest. Winter. Ever. I don’t know about you, but I’m desperate to get outside. I am also really in the mood to shake off the winter blues, not only in my mind, but also around my house. As I’ve slowly been getting rid of things I don’t need, reorganizing and actually getting organized, I thought I’d share some of my tips on how to do even a little bit of Spring Cleaning.

  • Declutter. This may sound straightforward but like always, I thought I could attack my whole house at once and you know where that got me? Surrounded by huge mess after huge mess and also unnecessarily stressed. When I recalibrate and put things into perspective I decided to only tackle one area at a time, not moving on until it’s done and not stressing out if it takes a little longer than expected. I started small, with my spice drawer and man, just the peace it gives me when I open it and it’s all organized me gave me the inspiration I needed to keep going.
  • Let go. I’m sentimental at heart and thus find the sentimentality in literally everything. In some countries this can easily be translated into another term, hoarder. With that being said, using my own advice, I’ve slowly started to tackle one area at a time letting go of things I know for sure I haven’t looked at since the last time I attempted a spring cleaning, My hard learned advice here is if you haven’t worn it, thought about it, or looked at in over 6 months, let it go. Others would be more strict and say 1 month, but I just called myself a hoarder so…. Baby steps.
  • Donate it.  One thing that does get me over my hoarding tendencies is giving my gently used things to others that are in need of it. I like to give to The Salvation Army because though they do sell the clothes you donate, the funds go right back into the community supporting disaster relief programs. For my business wear I donate to Dress for Success, an awesome organization that gets women who otherwise couldn’t afford it, ready for the workplace. Finally, I get a lot of things gifted in the beauty and hygiene dept and I give my doubles or things that don’t work along with more casual wear, running shoes, socks and outerwear to Sistering, an organization that I’ve been volunteering with for years that helps homeless women and women affected by abuse. If you want more places to donate, check out BlogTO’s post HERE

But back to the spices… This was my favourite space to clean up and it was super easy. I picked up some clear jars and labels from Amazon and put my top used spices in order. The bonus about doing this is 1. the time save – no more fumbling through my cupboards to find the right spices. 2. You can buy spices in refill packs and store them neatly without constantly buying new glass or plastic containers.

Here are some reusable jars:
J.K. Adams BCS-16 16-Piece Spice Bottle Set, Clear

12 Pack of 6oz Square Victorian Jars, Bulk Value Pack of Square Glass Jars with Screw-On Lids, Ideal for Spice Storage, Wedding and Party Favors, DIY Projects & More! (Set of 12)

And labels:

Royal Green – 30 Common Spice Names Stickers with Black Lettering + 18 Blank Round Labels for DIY – 48 Pack

I heard somewhere that our bodies naturally want to declutter and start fresh around this time of year, so let’s get to it! What are some of your fave tips on how to get Spring Cleaning?