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In The Know With Coco & Cowe: May 5th, 2018

Happy Cinco De Mayo everybody! If you missed yesterdays post, we shared our favourite cucumber and ginger margarita and chicken taco recipe, check it out here! And of course, here are our top stories we collected for you this week, to stay #InTheKnow with us here at the Cowe!

  1. In celebration of Cinco De Mayo, here is 7 surprising health benefits of drinking Tequila! Drink up, Cowes!
  2. The battle for Kanye West is happening in Real Time, What in the name of Yeezus is going on? Find out here.
  3. Becoming The Brown Girl In The Ring… An inspiring story that is well worth the read.
  4. Kris Jenner finally tells us her thoughts on you know what…. with Ellen!
  5. Its Mental Health Awareness Month, here are 5 amazing advocates to follow on Instagram!
  6. Mama’s day is right around the corner, and one of our fave blogs put together the best gift guide! 
  7. The best raw bar recipe thats taken over our feeds, and our snack preferences!
  8. Wait, I don’t actually have to dry clean half of my Spring/Summer wardrobe? LC’s givin’ us the breakdown!
  9. ALL ABOARD! Chanel had an actual cruise ship on its runway show yesterday…So where do we sign up for this getaway?
  10. These woman rejecting marriage proposals will have you in tears… (Dw, the funny kind!)


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