Summer Ready: Our Favourite Treatments in Toronto

It’s no secret here at the Cowe that we’re obsessed with all things beauty! Especially, with the warm weather approaching, we can’t help but rejuvenate and refresh with all of our favourite treatments around the city. We’ve narrowed our lengthly list down to a few of our top spots, to have you feeling fresh and manicured (literally)!

Gee BeautyFacial
We always justify splurging on a solid skin care routine. Gee Beauty is our one stop shop with all the essentials, from notable products to lasting treatments, (cue glow up). A fresh, clean and warm environment that will undoubtedly have you feeling comfortable and relaxed. We are the sign you’ve been seeking to treat yourself to a pore-perfecting facial. Explore their Medi Beauty Facials and find what you’ve been looking for, depending on your skin type and the intensity of your desired treatment. Gee helps us go foundationless for weeks post facial- no better feeling than going au natural!

Location: 2 Roxborough St W, Toronto, ON M5R 1T8 | @geebeautystudio

Ritual | Eyelash Lift & Tint 
Ritual provides a very pretty in pink experience that we have longed for post winter blues. Lashes have been on Toronto’s radar these days and we support it. If you’re someone who prefers sticking with your natural lash Ritual is the spot for you. The all encompassing location offers a lash lift and tint service that will have strangers asking you where you got your lashes done and that’s when you’ll respond, bragging that they’re your own! A low maintenance service that still provides the wow factor. We mean what we say; Ritual will officially become a part of your getting “summer ready” routine.

Location: 571 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1G3 | @ritualtoronto

N15 Hair Salon | Lash Extensions
If you’re feeling adventurous and want to take that wow factor to the next level, we highly recommend a full lash set from our friends over at N15 Hair Salon. Not as natural as your lash lift and tint but here at The Cowe, we love all the above. Although eyelash extensions are a total “lazy girl” hack in every season of the year, you most definitely want to try out this trend- one less step in our summer edition makeup routine? We’ll take it! With a modern take on Japanese techniques, N15 offers a variety of choices when it comes to lashes, including over five different styles to

acheive your perfect look. Oh, and a little secret to help you save some mula? Click here!

Location:  831 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5S 3M4 | @n15hair

Naked Beauty Bar | Nails 

We came across Naked Beauty Bar a while ago and we’ve been hooked ever since. With having just opened up their second location, their beauty bars are a total one -stop shop, with an extensive list of services! With contemporary elegance and a modern touch, the trendy space offers an elevated experience and a playlist that we wish we could follow on Spotify. Services range from mani/pedis, to waxing, eyelash extensions (and everything in between! Although the summer trend we are most obsessed with is the unique nail art that Naked has perfected. The beauty bar offers an exclusive nail art menu that changes every month! By collaborating with famous nail artists around the world and staying on top of the game, by always delivering something different for us, Naked Beauty Bar has most definitely won over our hearts in the nail art game.

Location: 889 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON. M6J 1V9 | 65 Front St W, Toronto, ON. M5J1E6 | @nakedbeautybar

Her Majesty’s Pleasure | Nails 

We don’t know about you but we don’t remember the last time we had a quality pedicure after our six month winter! This is where Her Majesty’s Pleasure saves the day. The spa’s atmosphere will have you ooing and ahhing at how sleek, crisp and aesthetically pleasing each element of the spa is. We never thought a foot bath could be so glam, until HMP. The Cowe’s secret to getting our toes summer ready, is pairing HMP’s signature pedicure with a generous glass of Prosecco. You’ll wonder how you left your toes for so long after such a rejuvenating experience! Check out their feed to see perfectly manicured fingers and toes, while tempting your tastebuds with cocktails almost too pretty to drink!

Location: 556 King Street W, Toronto, ON. M5V 1M3 | @hermajestyspleasure

There you have it- your new top five! Hopefully these hot spots help you get your glow on this #Summer18. Share any photos with us, if you try out any of the services listed above!


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