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In The Know with Coco & Cowe: May 18, 2018

Happy Friday and long weekend Cowes, the one time we will all be saying “Monday funday”. We’ve got you covered this week, from satisfying your curiosity on how much your Uber driver really makes, to two ingredient toast six ways (now we have your attention), and even a boho-chic way to spice up your bedside table this spring! Forever committed to keeping you #InTheKnow.

  1. Meghan Markle has officially confirmed that her father will not attend his own daughter’s (royal) wedding. Read on here!
  2. Kim K’s advocacy for Appetite Suppressant Lollipops most definitely did not go as planned. See why, here.
  3. It’s all about perspective! See the most accurate “Changing Definitions” chart by Mari Andrew, comparing your mindset during childhood vs. adulthood.
  4. Do you ever wonder how much your Uber driver makes? Us too! Details here.
  5. Nail art on our minds this season! Lauren Conrad providing #inspo with her juicy watermelon mani, take your screen shots here.
  6. Can’t live without our daily cup of joe, but is it causing breakouts? Read on here.
  7. Two ingredient toast SIX ways! Click to cut your meal prep time in half.
  8. It’s a daily struggle to be focused on the now, we’re eager to try out this book list encouraging meditation and mindfulness, (so much yes)!
  9. Give your bedside table a facelift, spring edition, with this boho-chic Tasseled Tabitha Lamp Shade from Anthropologie.
  10. Take 10 minutes out of your long weekend to get your sweat on, with this simple and effective full body workout!
  11. Brace yourselves… The Kit’s got us covered on exactly how to watch the Royal Wedding in Canada. All the info you need here.
  12. Laurel or Yanny? This has us reminiscing on whether or not that dress from three years ago was deemed as blue or gold. Confused? Click to listen.
  13. GQ mocks Vanity Fair, with limbs here, there and everywhere on the cover of their comedy issue. Laugh here.
  14. Chrissy Teigen has officially welcomed her baby boy! Beam with us as you read what Cosmo has to say.
  15. See Toronto’s long weekend weather forecast here! At least Monday got the message to bring on the UV rays.
  16. Know yourself. No really… Read this. 

Cheers to the long weekend Cowes- share with us on Instagram or Twitter what you get up to!


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