Six Resources We Can’t Travel Without

When visiting a new destination for the first time, it’s always overwhelming knowing where to go, what to eat, and how to make the most of your trip. This year at The Cowe, we think we’ve spent just as much time away from Toronto as we have in the city (no exaggeration there)! Along the ride, we have discovered five apps and platforms that have been our go-to resources, from the second we book our flight, to planning our daily itinerary and all the way back to our flight home to YYZ.  Eliminate one stress at a time as you make your way through the list.

Hopper will help you locate the most affordable flight to whichever destination you are visiting. This is an app where you will want to “allow” all the push notifications – trust us! Hopper is great for planning flights, because they do all the work for you in order to save you the most. The alerts use unique vocabulary like: “Whoa. Prices for Barcelona have dropped to $___. Book now: prices are unlikely to fall further.” The app is super easy to navigate and sends you just the right amount of alerts to help you save on flights, whether you’re booking eight months, or two weeks in advance (we relate with the latter, here at The Cowe).

Here at the Cowe, we love a “meaty” city guide. Goop comes through in this department, with endless drop down menus to jam pack your itinerary with the best of the best. There is something for everyone in each city guide. Los Angeles is divided up into 12 mini guides based on location and interests, including The Health-Conscious Los Angeles Guide (we’re here for it).

Google Translate
Traveling to a country where English is not the first language, it’s vital to have a translator on hand. We can always count on Google to consistently come through for us. The app is accessible and convenient. It offers users text translations without using data, “conversation mode” (two-way instant speech translation), and instant translate as you type! Do a walk through of the app while you wait to board, and you’ll be a pro in no time. We can’t promise exceptional grammar, but it will get you through your walking tour in France.

We have found ourselves stuck in some last minute accommodation situations, OOO! When the flight is delayed eight hours, and/or the Airbnb falls through, or whatever life decides to throw at you, HotelTonight is a reliable go-to. The app’s sleek design shows you the best, exclusive, last minute accommodation deals near you. The in-app concierge, actually powered by real humans (all hail avoiding automated responses at all costs), is one of our fave features. Mostly, we’re a fan of this app because it eliminates the hassle and pressure of whatever situation we manage to find ourselves in!

Bumble Bizz
Traveling for work? Or riding solo while eating, praying and lovin’ it up in a new city? A few of us here at The Cowe, have put Bumble’s new “bizz” feature to the test, and it has yet to disappoint us. Being able to meet other professionals in your field over coffee, or a drink, while discovering a new city is an amazing opportunity. So, the next time you’re contemplating what you should do with your free time while exploring, download the app and create some instant connections!

Last but most definitely not least, we just had to include our go-to photo editing app. We love documenting our travels, but sometimes our shots need a little brightening, straightening and smoothing out….. you feel? VSCO is our on hand enhancer. Adjust temperature levels, play with highlights and crop the excess, easily and in no time. We also use the app to plan our feed. The rows are designed in threes, so it imitates the look of your Instagram profile’s grid. A win-win. See for yourself!


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