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In The Know With Coco & Cowe: May 25, 2018

Happy friyay Cowes! Committed to keeping you #InTheKnow after our four day week. Continue scrolling to discover your new favourite podcast (you’re welcome), three killer ab exercises, a refreshing, (spiked) Chia Seed Lemonade recipe and easy to download wallpapers, to refresh your phone and computer backgrounds!

  1. Meghan Markle shares what it takes to be a successful woman, it goes far beyond being a part of the royal family. Read what she has to say here.
  2. ‘Pay as you go’ auto insurance has officially made its way to Canada, whether we like it or not MyPace is launching this July in Ontario, details here.
  3. Apple cider vinegar is one of the most multi-purpose ingredients out there. See three beauty problems you didn’t know ACV could solve here.
  4. Your new go-to podcast here. We promise it covers everything and everyone you’ve ever been interested in (and more).
  5. Contouring has become a daily part of our beauty routine. After coming across Marianna’s Quick and Easy Steps for Contouring, we’ve made a few quick revisions that are instantly making our faces look more flattering- yay!
  6. Apparently Doug Ford is responsible for purchasing memberships for new Tories, and people are not happy about it. Read on.
  7. Kim K’s trainer shared her ab workout that has us feeling motivated to sweat! Abs here.
  8. Check out this ‘healthy’ Chia Seed Lemonade recipe that we may or may not have added vodka to…balance, right? Recipe here
  9. It’s not always about getting that raise. Explore nine benefits you can negotiate besides your salary here.
  10. Take carrots to the next level with this dish that you’ll be kicking off every dinner party of the Summer with. Recipe here.
  11. A 20-Minute Plan for Managing Your Day. Click to feel hella organized.
  12. Refresh your phone and computer backgrounds with bright, geometric wallpapers from LC. Download here.
  13. You won’t believe Mandy Moore’s hair evolution, see here, as she shares her beauty secrets with The Kit.
  14. You won’t be able to stop reading, as former Degrassi star Anais shares her story and the struggles she faced to provide for her mother, while her grandparents lived in a luxurious home in the Bridle Path. Start here.
  15. A definitive ranking of Halo Top flavours here. Let’s be real, someone had to do it!

We hope you have a weekend as fabulous as you are, Cowes- keep on keeping on!


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