In Conversation with Almost30

It’s no secret that here at the Cowe, we love our podcasts. Every Tuesday morning the office is filled with the most real and unique conversations all due to our girls, Lindsay and Krista from Almost 30 Podcast. When we found out about their Summer tour, we couldn’t help ourselves but to reach out and help some sista’s out on their stop to Toronto! And of course pick their brains a little, too. For the full scoop on one of the top 10 health and wellness podcasts on iTunes (and our personal favourite) click here!
What inspired you to start Almost 30?
The Almost 30 Podcast was inspired by our transition from our 20’s to our 30’s—a time marked by tons of change, often referred to as our Saturn Return! We knew our conversations were not unique, so we decided to bring the raw, real conversations to the podcast air waves and provide the tools, inspiration, and comic relief as we continue to navigate…TOGETHER!

What is a unique challenge with creating a podcast and ensuring engagement, as opposed to a blog?
Consistency is KEY.  We have released at least one episode every week, since September 2016 and we are committed to sharing content that is relevant and honest. Our listeners can count on us and trust us. And we love podcasting because we can’t hide!  We are 100% ourselves, which is so liberating and seems to be why our listeners feel like we are their new bff’s!

How is Almost 30 different from other lifestyle and wellness podcasts?
We keep it 100% real. We are not experts by any stretch, rather we learn right along with our listeners! The more real, honest, and vulnerable we are, the stronger the connection to our growing community. The community definitely sets us apart- #ALMOST30NATION is an insanely supportive community of women who are obsessed with self-development, empowering one another, and helping one another navigate any transition in their lives. It honestly feels like they are our best friends, that’s why we wanted to go on tour and meet as many of them as possible!!

How do both you balance your crazy schedules, while also consistently producing Almost 30 episodes on a weekly basis?
What is balance?  🙂 We have yet to master that art. The work is so purposeful and such an important part of who we are that the work required feels natural. We think that to start a podcast, build a brand, create a community, and remain consistent, we have to give! We are lucky enough to live in a place (LA) that promotes and provides everything we would ever need to check off all the boxes under our self-care needs! We always recommend carving out time to do something good for yourself, every single day.  It’s not selfish, it is necessary!

Both of your career paths involve such a high level of self-motivation, how do you stay inspired? Almost 30 tapped us on the shoulder, she is a force and a purpose that we talk to everyday.  She has taken on a life of her own, so much greater than we could have every imagined! We trust her completely to show us the way. Our team inspires us, too. Our producer, Chloe is incredibly dedicated, hard-working, and talented—we learn from her every day.  And finally, our listeners, our #ALMOST30NATION community, we didn’t know such a supportive, engaged, motivated, curious community could exist. But let us tell you, they do and it’s growing and thriving!  We are so grateful to serve our girls every day.


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