Laundry 101: Eliminate The Odour With Arm And Hammer


Ok, so laundry. I know, super glam.  TBH, I’m not the biggest fan – if you are, bless you. On the other hand, what I AM a big fan of is clean clothes; not only the fact that they’re clean but the way they smell. My favourite compliment ever was when I was hugged by one of my friends and she said: “You smell like clean laundry!” (I know, I’m amused easily.)

Having a kid and a boyfriend who fancies himself a hockey player means I have a house full of laundry jam packed with unsavory scents. Have you ever smelled hockey gear after a game? Though we try to separate that stinky hockey gear and workout clothes from the regular wash we occasionally screw it up and it’s a stink that just never goes away. Or at least takes three more washes to finally smell clean. Who has time for that?

Finally a company has created something that not only cleans your clothes and makes them smell good, this little something actually KILLS odours. How you may ask? Well the smart people over at Arm & Hammer have created this cool formula that combines Arm & Hammer Baking Soda along with powerful enzymes and surfactants that get to the root of the smell and kill it.

I love the smell of freshly cleaned clothes and seriously despise two things: that dank moth ball like smell that comes out of clothes that have just been cleaned but still have the musty odour and perfumes that simply mask the smell but don’t do anything to get rid of the odours and bacteria. Arm & Hammer has answered my call for a solution to really cleaning everything from my workout gear to Harlowe’s ‘accidents’ to Jimmy’s god awful hockey gear which saves us time (one wash and it’s clean) and money (no longer have to toss perfectly good clothing because of odours that won’t come out!)

It’s safe to say Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Odour Blasters Detergent will most definitely be a staple in our laundry room! With now being available everywhere, you can pick yours up at your nearest laundry aisle.

Have any stain fighting secrets? Comment below and share with us!

Keep calm and laundry on, Cowes!




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